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  <h1>XEmacs Documentation</h1>

  <h2>XEmacs <a id="HTML" name="HTML">HTML</a> Manuals</h2>

  <a href="#PDF">PDF</a>

    Following XEmacs Manuals are available for browsing on the XEmacs
    Website and all its mirrors worldwide:</p>

    <li>XEmacs <a href="21.5/html/">21.5</a> (<a href="">xemacs/man sources</a> in CVS)</li>
    <li>XEmacs <a href="packages/html/">Packages</a> (<a href="">packages sources</a>, including texinfo sources, in CVS)</li>

  <hr />

  <h2>XEmacs Info Manuals in <a id="PDF" name="PDF">PDF</a> format</h2>

  <a href="#HTML">HTML</a>

    The following documents are available in
    <a href="#Readers">PDF</a> format (with permuted indices) for both US
    Letter and A4 sized paper:</p>
        <td rowspan="1" colspan="1">Programming in Emacs Lisp, an
    Introduction (emacs-lisp-intro)</td> <td rowspan="1"
    >[Letter]</a></td> <td rowspan="1" colspan="1"><a
        <td rowspan="1" colspan="1">XEmacs Internals Manual (internals)</td>
        <td rowspan="1" colspan="1"><a href="">[Letter]</a></td>
        <td rowspan="1" colspan="1"><a href="">[A4]</a></td>
        <td rowspan="1" colspan="1">XEmacs Lisp Reference Manual (lispref)</td>
        <td rowspan="1" colspan="1"><a href="">[Letter]</a></td>
        <td rowspan="1" colspan="1"><a href="">[A4]</a></td>
        <td rowspan="1" colspan="1">Getting Started With XEmacs (new-users-guide)</td>
        <td rowspan="1" colspan="1"><a href="">[Letter]</a></td>
        <td rowspan="1" colspan="1"><a href="">[A4]</a></td>
        <td rowspan="1" colspan="1">XEmacs Users Manual (xemacs)</td>
        <td rowspan="1" colspan="1"><a href="">[Letter]</a></td>
        <td rowspan="1" colspan="1"><a href="">[A4]</a></td>
    If you would like to download documents in Postscript or DVI
    format, please do so directly via FTP from <a
    >&lt;;</a> or,
    if you are behind a firewall, via HTTP from <a

  <!-- #### Cross-link to the download page.... -->
    The Texinfo source files are bundled with the <a
    href="../Download/">XEmacs source tarball</a>, and a
    wide variety of tools are available from the <a
    href="">GNU Project</a> and third party
    developers to format them in almost any way imaginable.</p>

  <h3><a id="Readers" name="Readers">Download a PDF Reader</a></h3>

    There are several PDF readers which are freely available for

    <!-- #### The URL is still better than
    or for this purpose. -->
      We recommend <a href=""
      >Aladdin or GNU Ghostscript</a>.  A user-friendly
      interface is provided by <em>gv</em> (for X11) or
      <em>Ghostview</em> (for Windows).  Ghostscript also provides the
      capability to create PDF files from Postscript sources, as well
      as a complete, robust Postscript interpreter.</li>
      Another contender is
      <a href="">xpdf</a>,
      which is more user-friendly and compact,
      but has less overall capability.  (Not for Windows.)</li>

  <h3><a id="AcrobatBug" name="AcrobatBug">PDF Problems?</a></h3>

    Older versions of Adobe Acrobat are known to be incapable of
    reading certain standard-conformant PDF files.</p>

    Following versions of Adobe Acrobat have been reported to be able
    to read the PDF files provided here:</p>

    <li>Acrobat Reader 4.0 (4.05.1103 09:34) on Windows 2000 Professional (danish version)</li>
    <li>Acrobat Reader 4.0 (0408 05:21) on Windows 98 SE4.10.2222 A</li>
    <li>Acrobat Reader 4.0 0513 09:57 on Windows NT 4.0 (Build 1381: Service Pack 6)</li>
    <li>Acrobat Reader 5.0 on Windows 98 [Version 4.10.2222]</li>
    <li>Acrobat 5.0.5 on Windows XP</li>
    <li>Acrobat 5.0.5 on MacOS X (ver. 10.1.5)</li>
    <li>Acrobat 5.0.6 on GNU/Linux</li>
    <li>Acrobat 5.0.1 of 3/27/2001 on Windows XP Professional</li>

    The standard <a href="#Readers">free PDF readers</a>
    (<em>Ghostscript</em>, <em>gv</em>, and <em>xpdf</em>) do not have
    these limitations.  <em>Ghostscript</em>, at least, is available
    for the Windows platform.</p>

  <!-- #### Raph sez "6.32 is last before 6.50 stable."
  Watch for better Ghostscript! -->

    Unfortunately, both versions of <em>Ghostscript</em> prior to
    about 6.21 (ie, still in beta) and current versions of
    <em>pdflatex</em> emit such files (some of the problems were fixed
    in Aladdin Ghostscript's 6.0 release).  There's not much we can do
    about it until updated versions of PDF writing software that cater
    to Acrobat's idiosyncracies become generally available.  In
    particular, <em>pdflatex</em> (which we use for generating
    preformatted versions of Texinfo documents) still generates such

  <h3>Additional documentation</h3>

    More recent material can be found in the
    <a href="../FAQ/">FAQ</a> or the
    <a href="../Releases/">Releases</a> files. The following might also be

    <li><a href="">FSF/GNU Emacs FAQ</a></li>
    <li><a href="">Gnus FAQ</a></li>
    <li><a href="">VM FAQ</a></li>

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