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The Documentation for Genpage is in HTML format. It generates itself :>

Do a 'make gp' to generate www/index.html and read it with a web browser.

Please read the example content files in the examples directory 
or generate them and view the html... though you need to read the 
source blah.content files themselves to see the genpage tags. 
(and not source-view in a html browser either... the *real* 

just do 'make' and it'll tell you the targets.

For announcements about genpage releases, updates and bugfixes subscribe to the
genpage-announce mailing list by sending a message to
genpage-announce-request@dspsrv.com with 'subscribe' in the message subject or

There is a discussion list about genpage called genpage-users which is for discussion of all aspects of genpage which can be subscribed to by sending a message to genpage-users-request@dspsrv.com with 'subscribe' in the message subject or

Play and enjoy.

JoeV <joev@freddyfrog.com>