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xslide / ChangeLog.upstream

2003-05-26  Tony Graham  <tonygraham@users.sourceforge.net>

	* === Released 0.2.1 ===

	* Makefile, README.TXT: 'makefile' is now 'Makefile' and other
	files changed capitalisation.

	* README.TXT, xslide.el: Updated for xslide 0.2.1.

	* NEWS, TODO: Added NEWS and TODO files.

2003-05-20  Tony Graham  <tonygraham@users.sourceforge.net>

	* xslide.el: Added unused `xsl-initial-fo-file' and

	* xslide-data.el: Added some padding, space, line-height, and keep

	* xslide-font.el: Now cope with whitespace in
	`xsl-font-lock-region-point-min', etc.

2001-11-16  Tony Graham  <tkg@menteith.com>

	* xslide-font.el: Changed font-lock block limit regexps to just

	* xslide.el: Set `indent-line-function' so `indent-region' works

2001-10-20  Tony Graham  <tkg@menteith.com>

	* ChangeLog: Added ChangeLog since incremental changes now
	available from CVS.

	* xslide.el: Set ident-line-function to `xsl-electric-tab'.

	* xslide-process.el: Add ability to view or browse process output
	and xsl-process-view-output and xsl-process-browse-output
	customizable variables to control them.  Add error-regexp and
	process command template for xsltproc.