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fixup commit for tag 'sumo-2003-04-14'

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-MAKEINFO ?= makeinfo
-TEXI = xslt-process.texi
-INFO = $(
-DVI = $(TEXI:.texi=.dvi)
-HTML = $(TEXI:.texi=.html)
-.SUFFIXES: .texi .info .dvi .ps .pdf .html
-ifeq ('$(MAKECMDGOALS)','html')
-  include ../../../XEmacs.rules
-	$(MAKEINFO) $<
-	info --output=../README --subnodes --file $@
-	sed -e '/^File:.*/d' -e '/[ 	]*,Top[ 	]*/d' <../README >../README.tmp
-	info --file=$@ --node=Installation --node='Setting up PSGML with XSLT-process' --output ../INSTALL
-	mv ../README.tmp ../README
-ifneq ($(TEXI2DVI),)
-ifneq ($(DVIPS),)
-	$(TEXI2DVI) $<
-	$(TEXI2DVI) $<
-	$(DVIPS) -o $@
-ifneq ($(TEXI2PDF),)
-	$(TEXI2PDF) $<
-	-
-compile:: info dvi
-info: $(INFO)
-dvi: $(DVI)
-homepage: html
-	sed -e 's/<BODY[^>]*>/<BODY>/g' \
-	  -e 's^</BODY>^<p><a HREF=../index.html><img src=../../images/back.gif border=0%> Other (X)Emacs hacks</a><br><a href=../../index.html><img src=../../images/home.gif border=0%> Home</a></body>^g' -e 's/xslt-process.html/index.html/g' <$(HTML_DEP) >$(HTML).tmp
-	mv $(HTML).tmp index.html
-	rm -f *.aux *.cp *.fn *.ky *.log *.pg *.toc *.tp *.vr $(HTML_FILES)
-distclean:: clean
-	rm -f *.dvi *.html *.pdf *.ps *.info
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