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   This mode depends on a few other packages:

   * *an XSLT processor*: You definitely need an XSLT processor for
     this (X)Emacs mode to work!  This package doesn't come with an
     XSLT processor integrated, so you need to download and install one
     (*note Supported XSLT processors::. for supported XSLT
     processors). Installing an XSLT processor is nothing else than
     placing the jar file in the Java CLASSPATH.

     You can either put the jar file in the system's CLASSPATH
     environment variable or use _XSLT-process_'s customization to
     setup the additional classpath. The supporting Java code expects
     the Java XSLT processor to be in the classpath, so make sure you
     define it one way or the other.

   * *JDE*: _XSLT-process_ was tested with JDE version 2.2.2, but it
     should work with newer versions as well. Please make sure you
     follow all the installation instructions on JDE's Web site

   * *Elib*: This package is a package JDE depends on, but I list it
     here to insure it's installed. If this package is missing, you'll
     get an error about the `avltree' package not found. This is a
     frequently asked question on the JDE's mailing list, so please
     make sure you don't ask it one more time.

   If the above packages are not already installed on your system, you
can install them in an `emacs' directory in your home directory. Then
add the following lines in your `.emacs' configuration file:

     (setq load-path
           (append (list "~/emacs/xslt-process-1.2.1/lisp"
     		    ) load-path))
     (autoload 'xslt-process-mode "xslt-process"
               "Run XSLT processor on buffer" t)

   These lines add the needed packages in your emacs `load-path'
variable, and make known the _XSLT-process_ minor mode to your (X)Emacs.

   After the _XSLT-process_ mode has been made available to (X)Emacs,
you can enable the minor mode on a per-buffer basis by running `M-x
xslt-process-mode'. Or you can invoke `xslt-process-mode' from the
mode's hook, *note Setting up PSGML with XSLT-process::. for an example
on how you can do it.

* Menu:

* Supported XSLT processors::
* Setting up PSGML with XSLT-process::
* Key binding::
* Customization::
* Temporarily changing the XSLT processor::
* Additional parameters passed to Cocoon::

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Setting up PSGML with XSLT-process

   The XSLT-process minor mode works really nice in conjuction with the
PSGML major mode for SGML and XML editing.

   To setup the XSLT-process minor mode to be automatically enabled
whenever you edit an XML file under PSGML, add the below lines in your
`.emacs'. I assume you have already added the configuration lines
mentioned in *note Installation::..

     (setq auto-mode-alist
           (append '(("\\.xml$" . xml-mode)) auto-mode-alist))
     (add-hook 'xml-mode-hook 'xslt-process-mode)

   If you're using a different major mode for editing XML documents, you
can setup the mode's hook in a similar way as above to automatically
enable the _XSLT-process_ minor mode.