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xwem / TODO

Thu Feb 19 09:16:05 MSK 2004:

     - Focusing manage (according to ICCCM)! very needed. (mostly done)

     - More ICCCM stuff to support, like WM_PROTOCOL, DELETE_WINDOW,
       etc. (mostly done)
     - Write some documentation.

     - Configuration file handling. (I think it is done).

     - More hookenization.

     - Session management. save-window-configuration,
       set-window-configuration, save-frame-configuration,
       set-frame-configuration, etc. (window configurations done)

     - kbd macros. i.e. save keypress sequence and then play it with
       XSendEvent. (Done, using xtest extension)

     - Strokes:
         * Support for dymanic strokes types. i.e. you can register
           new types of strokes.

         * Kanji strokes database

     - CL switcher, something like `iswitchb' or `buqis'.(Done mostly)

     - Programs launcher.(done)

     - Summarize mode. i.e. make buffer with xwem information like
       frames setup, clients online, etc.(Done `xwem-help')

     - Multiple visible frames(partly done), frame should reguard his
       properties changes on fly, i.e. resize x window, when frame-width
       and such changes.

     - Extensions support:
          * Xinerama
	  * Record (may be clones could be done with it?)
	  * MiscKbd
	  * XTrap (may be play with it to implement X window clones).

     - Ubering. i.e. you can run other window manager in xwem frame.
       Maybe implement using Xnest's -parent feature?

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