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@node Subsystems, Hooking, Primitives, Top
@chapter XWEM Subsystems
@cindex subsystem

There many subsystems in XWEM. Such as keyboard operations, pointer
operations, text and graphical contexts operations, manage database
operations and so on.

TODO: write me

* Keyboard::		Keyboard support.
* Mouse::		Mouse support.
* Text Specifications::	Various texts support.
* Manage Database::	How various X11 clients are managed.
* System Tray::		Make your xwem minibuffer to be a dockapp holder.
* Help::		XWEM is self documented.
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@node Keyboard, Mouse, Subsystems, Subsystems
@section Keyboard
@cindex keyboard

Keyboard support in XWEM is much like how XEmacs deals with keyboard
i.e. keymap notation used to interpret key sequences to commands

* Keymaps::		Keymaps used by XWEM.
* Keymap Operations::	What you can do with XWEM keymaps.
* Smart Modifiers::	Special modifiers mode support.
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@node Keymaps, Keymap Operations, Keyboard, Keyboard
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@subsection Keymaps
@cindex keymap

Keymaps used in XWEM is:

@defvar xwem-global-map
This is global XWEM keymap.
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-help-map
Keymap for help commands.
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-hyp-x-map
This keymap is for Hyper-X commands.
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-hyp-x-4-map
Keymap for Hyper-X-4 commands.
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-hyp-x-5-map
Keymap for Hyper-X-5 commands.
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-hyp-x-7-map
Keymap for Hyper-X-7 commands.
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-launcher-map
Keymap for XWEM launcher.
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-launcher-other-win-map
Keymap for launcher commands in other Window.
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-launcher-other-frame-map
Keymap for launcher commands in other Frame.
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-user-macros-map
Keymap for user's keyboard macros.
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-hyp-resize-map
Keymap for Window resize commands.
@end defvar

@node Keymap Operations, Smart Modifiers, Keymaps, Keyboard
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@subsection Keymap Operations
@cindex keymap

TODO: write me

@node Smart Modifiers, , Keymap Operations, Keyboard
@subsection Smart Modifiers
@cindex modifiers

@dfn{Smart modifier} is key which can act as modifier when it is used in
combination with some other key and as normal key when it is just
clicked i.e. pressed and released.

To use smart modifiers you must set @code{(setq xwem-use-smart-modifiers
t)}, default is @code{nil}. And add items to
@code{xwem-key-smart-modifiers}. Item is vector in form
@code{[Modifier-keysym Key-Keysym nil nil]}. Second and third elements
is used internally and it is no need to fill them.

(add-to-list 'xwem-key-smart-modifiers (vector XK-Control-R XK-Space nil
        @result{} add right control to active grabs and send space key
        when it is clicked.
@end example

@node Mouse, Text Specifications, Keyboard, Subsystems
@section Mouse
@cindex mouse
@cindex strokes

When I was planning to write XWEM I thought that mouse support will be
minimal, but when I played a little with X11 stuff I realized where
mouse may be used to get really useful functionality. Main mouse feature
over keyboard is that you can generate multiple movement or button
press/release events in a moment. It can be used to interact with

@dfn{Stroke} is some mouse motion which yields some command.

TODO: xwem strokes description.

TODO: popup menus description.

@include textspec.texi
@include manda.texi
@include tray.texi
@include help.texi