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@section System Tray
@cindex tray
@cindex XEMBED

@dfn{System Tray} is some area in your screen, that used to hold some X
applications called dock applications or dockapps in short.  XWEM's
system tray uses @ref{XWEM Minibuffer} as that area, so you does not
lost it.  It is morden to implement system tray using XEMBED protocol,
which describes how dockapps and tray window should communicate.  XWEM's
system tray uses extended version of XEMBED protocol, which allow any
dockapp to run Emacs Lisp!

@defvar xwem-tray-enabled
Non-@code{nil} mean that System tray will be used by XWEM.
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-tray-max-docks
Maximum number of dockapps to be used in system tray.  If value is to
much, than system tray may eat too much space in XWEM's minibuffer and
you will not be able to comfortable interact with it. Default value is
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-tray-minib-position
Symbol that may be @code{'right} or @code{'left} specifies position in
XWEM's minibuffer where first dockapp appears.
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-tray-minib-posoffset
Offset in pixels from XWEM's minibuffer edge.
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-tray-minib-docoffset
Offset in pixels between two dockapps.
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-tray-cursor-shape
Shape of cursor when pointer is over one of dockapp, see @code{X-XC-XXX}
constants values. Default is value of @code{X-XC-right_ptr}.
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-tray-cursor-foreground-color
Specifies foreground color of cursor, when pointer is over one of
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-tray-cursor-background-color
Cursor's background color, when pointer over System tray.
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-tray-config
This is a list of vectors and each vector is in form @code{[type
value]}. Type is one of @code{XWEM-TRAY-DOCK} or
@code{XWEM-TRAY-DELIM}. If type is @code{XWEM-TRAY-DOCK} than value is
string and it specifies program and program's arguments you need to
launch and put in system tray. If type is @code{XWEM-TRAY-DELIM} than
value is integer, which specifies offset in pixels to be inserted in
system tray.
([XWEM-TRAY-DOCK "/path/to/xwem-minitime -f 004400 -b bbbbbb"]
 [XWEM-TRAY-DOCK "/path/to/xwem-miniapm"]
 [XWEM-TRAY-DOCK "path/to/xwem-minilaunch
                  -l /path/to/icons/xterm.xpm xterm"]
 [XWEM-TRAY-DOCK "/path/to/xwem-minilaunch
                  -l /path/to/icons/xterm_big.xpm
                  xterm -fn 10x20"]
 [XWEM-TRAY-DOCK "/path/to/xwem-minilaunch
                  -e \"(make-frame)\"
                  /path/to/icons/xemacs.xpm emacs"]
 [XWEM-TRAY-DOCK "/path/to/xwem-minilaunch
                  -l /path/to/icons/netscape.xpm
@end example
@end defvar

@defun xwem-tray-run-config &optional config
This function takes @var{config} in format described above, and executes
it.  See example of its usage.
(add-hook 'xwem-after-init-hooks 'xwem-tray-run-config)
@end example
@end defun