xwem / icons / README


   If you are going to add icon in this directory please check your
   icon to correspond next xpm format:


      * icon filename must begin with 'mini-' if size of icon < 32 in
        both directions.

      * icon filename must begin with 'miniWxH-'(where W and H is
        width and height of icon), when one of size is great or equal
        to 32, but less then 48.

      * icon filename must have no beggining if it's on of its size is
        greater or equal to 48.

      * icon name(pointer variable name) must be the same as filename,
        but substitute '-' and '.' with '_'.  For example if icon's
        filename is "mini-apm.xpm" then variable name must be

      * mini icons(W and H < 32) must have no more then 32 colors.

      * 16x16 icons must have no more then 18 colors.

      * After variable name icon must have comment:

	      /* columns rows colors chars-per-pixel */

	And after colors declation icon must have comment:

	      /* pixels */

      * Chars per pixel value must be 1.

      * "};" must be on its own line at the end of file.

      * ' ' must be used for None color.
      * Do not use ',' character to denote color.

      * No trailing spaces in any line.

    Recommended, but not required:

      * Use only 'c' in colors specification.

      * Use 'None' instead of 'none' in colors specifications.

      * Use '#' for black color.

      * Use '.' for white color.

      * Use 'r' for red color.

      * Use 'g' for green color.

      * use 'b' for blue color.