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@node Client, XWEM Minibuffer, Window, Primitives
@section Client
@cindex client

@dfn{Client} is normal X11 application already managed by XWEM. All XWEM
Clients manages according to XWEM Manage Database(@pxref{Manage
Database}). Default behaviour is to enlarge each XWEM Client which have
no override redirect flag ot XWEM Window used to hold that Client.

* Client Basics::               What is Client.
* Client Properties::           Describes what properties have each Client.
* Current Client::              There is always some Client is active.
* Clients Lists::               How does Clients organizes lists.
* Client Hooks::                How you can control Clients.
* Operating on Clients::        What you can do with Clients.
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@node Client Basics, Client Properties, Client, Client
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@subsection Client Basics
@cindex basics

TODO: describe what is XWEM Client.

@defun xwem-cl-p client
Returns non-@code{nil} if @var{client} is Client.
@end defun

@node Client Properties, Current Client, Client Basics, Client
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@subsection Client Properties
@cindex properties

Each Client in XWEM have some properties associated with it.

@defun xwem-client-name cl &optional clist
Return unique name for Client @var{cl} using @var{clist} as list of
@end defun

@node Current Client, Clients Lists, Client Properties, Client
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@subsection Current Client

@dfn{Current Client} is client in selected Window.

TODO: describe things related to special XEmacs frames.

@defun xwem-cl-selected
Return selected Client.
@end defun

@node Clients Lists, Client Hooks, Current Client, Client
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@subsection Clients Lists
@cindex lists

TODO: describe client lists.

@defvar xwem-clients
List of all Clients.
@end defvar

@node Client Hooks, Operating on Clients, Clients Lists, Client
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@subsection Client Hooks
@cindex hooks

TODO: genaral overview of hooks used in Client processing.

@defvar xwem-cl-setup-hooks
List of hooks which is called after XWEM Client is managed. Functions in
that list should accept one argument - XWEM Client.
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-cl-manage-hook
Functions to call when Client managed.  They are passed with one
argument - @code{cl}.
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-cl-demanage-hook
Functions to call when Cliend demanages.  Called with with one argument
- @code{cl}.
@end defvar

@node Operating on Clients, , Client Hooks, Client
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@subsection Operating on Clients
@cindex operating

Here is some usefull functions you can use to operate on Clients.

@defun xwem-find-client xwin-or-id
Find Client by X window @var{xwin-or-id}.
@end defun

@defun xwem-remove-client cl
Remove @var{cl} from Clients list @code{xwem-clients}.
@end defun

TODO: write me