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@node Window, Client, Frame, Primitives
@section Window
@cindex window

In this chapter we will discuss thing related to XWEM's Windows.

* Basic Windows::               Basic information on Windows.
* Splitting Windows::           Splitting Window into two.
* Deleting Windows::            How you should delete Windows.
* Selecting Windows::           Selected Window.
* Cycling Windows::             Moving around Windows.
* Resizing Windows::            Changing size of Windows.
* Window Configurations::       Saving and restoring layout of Windows.
* Drawing Windows::             How Windows stuff are drawed.
* Window Expectances::          Window can wait for a particular client.
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@node Basic Windows, Splitting Windows, Window, Window
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@subsection Basic Windows
@cindex basics

@dfn{Window} is subpart of Frame(@pxref{Frame}) that holds Clients
(@pxref{Client}).  Each Frame always contain at least one Window, but
you con divide it vertically or horizontally to obtain new Windows.
Windows never overlaps.  There is always selected Window in each Frame,
but it is not guaranties that Client in selected Window will have input

@defun xwem-init-win
Initilizes all stuff we will need.
@end defun

@defvar xwem-win-default-properties
Plist of default properties for newly created Windows.  Keys in list is
one of symbol:
@item @code{dead} Window referenced but not workable.
@item @code{deleted} Deleted Windows have this non-@code{nil}.
@item @code{frame} Reference to XWEM Frame.
@item @code{next} Next window in windows double linked list.
@item @code{prev} Previous window in windows double linked list.
@item @code{hchild} Horizontal child.
@item @code{vchild} Vertical child.
@item @code{client} Link to XWEM Client that is in XWEM Window or @code{nil}.
@item @code{expectances} Expectances plist for XWEM Window.
@end itemize
@end defvar

@defun xwem-win-p win
Return non-@code{nil} if @var{win} is Window.
@end defun

@node Splitting Windows, Deleting Windows, Basic Windows, Window
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@subsection Splitting Windows
@cindex splitting

Functions described here is used in way to split XWEM's window or get
information about split.

@defvar xwem-win-min-width
Minimal width in pixels that XWEM Window may have after spliting.

@result{} 40
@end example
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-win-min-height
Minimal height in pixels that XWEM Window may have after spliting.

@result{} 40
@end example
@end defvar

@defun xwem-win-split &optional window how new-size
Splits XWEM @var{window}, @var{how} is one of @code{vertical} or
@code{horizontal}(default is @code{horizontal}).  @var{new-size} is size
in pixels which should have @var{window} after split.
@end defun

@defun xwem-win-only-one-p &optional window
Returns non-@code{nil} if @var{window} is only one in XWEM Windows chain.
@end defun

@node Deleting Windows, Selecting Windows, Splitting Windows, Window
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@subsection Deleting Windows
@cindex deleting

@defun xwem-window-delete &optional window
Deletes XWEM @var{window}. If ommited than @code{xwem-win-selected} will
be used.
@end defun

@defun xwem-window-delete-others &optional window
Deletes all XWEM Windows other then @var{window}.
@end defun

@defun xwem-win-delete-subwindows window
Mark all child of XWEM @var{window} as deleted.
@end defun

@defun xwem-win-mark-deleted window
@end defun

@node Selecting Windows, Cycling Windows, Deleting Windows, Window
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@subsection Selecting Windows
@cindex selecting

Select a window means that client currently in than window receives
input focus.

@defvar xwem-win-switch-hook
Hooks that will be runned when selected window changes.  Functions in
should accept two arguments - @code{old-win} and @code{new-win}.

@result{} (xwem-win-focus xwem-win-title)
@end example
@end defvar

@defun xwem-win-selected
Returns selected XWEM Window.
@end defun

@defun xwem-win-selected-p window
Return non-@code{nil} if @var{window} is selected.
@end defun

@defun xwem-window-select window
Select @var{window} as current XWEM Window. Runs @code{xwem-win-switch-hooks}.
@end defun

@node Cycling Windows, Resizing Windows, Selecting Windows, Window
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@subsection Cycling Windows
@cindex cycling

@defun xwem-win-make-list-by-next window
Creates list of XWEM Windows using @code{next} property.
@end defun

@defun xwem-win-new props
Creates new XWEM Window using properties obtained after merging
@code{xwem-window-defprops} and @var{props} together.
@end defun

@defun xwem-win-replace oldw neww
Replace @var{oldw} XWEM Window with contents of @var{neww} XWEM Window.
@end defun

@defun xwem-win-make-parent window
Creates dummy parent XWEM Window for @var{window}.
@end defun

@defun xwem-window-next &optional window
Returns next XWEM Window after @var{window} in canonical ordering.
@end defun

@defun xwem-window-next-vertical &optional window
Returns XWEM Window which is vertically after @var{window}.
@end defun

@defun xwem-window-prev &optional window
Returns previous XWEM Window before @var{window} in canonical ordering
of XWEM Windows.
@end defun

@defun xwem-win-map fn &optional window
Apply @var{fn} function to @var{window} and each child of it. @var{fn}
will be called with an XWEM Window as argument.
@end defun

@defun xwem-win-count &optional window
Count childs in @var{window}.
@end defun

@defun xwem-window-list &optional frame
@end defun

Here is somelike windmove package.

@defun xwem-winmove-left &optional arg
Move to the left.
TODO: describe @var{arg}.
@end defun

@defun xwem-winmove-right &optional arg
Move to the right.
TODO: describe @var{arg}.
@end defun

@defun xwem-winmove-up &optional arg
Move to the up.
TODO: describe @var{arg}.
@end defun

@defun xwem-winmove-down &optional arg
Move to the down.
TODO: describe @var{arg}.
@end defun

TODO: write me

@node Resizing Windows, Window Configurations, Cycling Windows, Window
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@subsection Resizing Windows
@cindex resizing

Here functions that operations on window's sizes.

@defun xwem-window-set-pixsize window nsize nodelete is-height
Sets size of @var{window} to @var{nsize} in pixels.
If @var{is-height} is non-@code{nil} then nsize is new @var{window}
@end defun

@defun xwem-window-change-size window delta height-p
Changes XWEM @var{window} size to old-size plus
@var{delta}. @var{height-p} is non-@code{nil} if height changes.
@end defun

TODO: add shrink and enlarge

@node Window Configurations, Drawing Windows, Resizing Windows, Window
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@subsection Window Configurations
@cindex window configurations

@defun xwem-window-configuration &optional frame
Return current Windows configuration for @var{frame}.  You can restore
it than using @code{xwem-set-window-configuration}.
@end defun

@defun xwem-set-window-configuration win-config
Restore window configuration @var{win-config}, returned by
@end defun

@node Drawing Windows, Window Expectances, Window Configurations, Window
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@subsection Drawing Windows
@cindex drawing

@defvar xwem-win-delim-width
XWEM Window delimeter width in pixels, including shadow.
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-win-delim-shadow-thicksness
When drawing 3D shadows for XWEM Window delimeters, this variable used.
@end defvar

@defun xwem-win-draw-delims window
Draws delimeters in XWEM @var{window}.
@end defun

@node Window Expectances, , Drawing Windows, Window
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@subsection Window Expectances
@cindex expectances

@dfn{Expectances} is thing describes which clients cirtain XWEM Window
wait to manage.

TODO: write me