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@node Frame, Window, Primitives, Primitives
@section Frame
@cindex Frame

@dfn{Frame} is general thing that used to hold XWEM
windows(@pxref{Window}).  Usually Frame have something like titlebar
which is used to display information related to manager state, such as
names for XWEM Clients(@pxref{Client}) or user defined information.

TODO: add some info about Frames properties, such as GCs list, root
window, selected window, etc.

@defun xwem-frame-p frame
Returns non-@code{nil} if @var{frame} is XWEM Frame.
@end defun

* Basic Frames::                Basic description for Frames.
* Creating Frames::             Creating Frames.
* Frame Properties::            Controlling frame's size, position, etc.
* Frame Title::                 Using frame title to display information.
* Deleting Frames::             How to delete frames.
* Frames Operations::           What you can do with Frames.
* Embedded Frames::             Frame may be normal XWEM client.
* Frames variables and functions::  
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@node Basic Frames, Creating Frames, Frame, Frame
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@subsection Basic Frames
@cindex Basic Frames

TODO: write me

@node Creating Frames, Frame Properties, Basic Frames, Frame
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@subsection Creating Frames
@cindex Creating Frames

Here is describe functions which is used to create frames.  Also describe
default bindings to create frames.  Describe side by side splits.

TODO: write me

@node Frame Properties, Frame Title, Creating Frames, Frame
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@subsection Frame Properties
@cindex Frame Properties

Each XWEM Frame have properties list, which is altered when creating

Here should be description of Frame's properties, default values, etc.

TODO: write me

@node Frame Title, Deleting Frames, Frame Properties, Frame
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@subsection Frame Title
@cindex Frame Title

Description of Frame tabber.

TODO: write me

@node Deleting Frames, Frames Operations, Frame Title, Frame
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@subsection Deleting Frames
@cindex Deleting Frames

You may easily delete any of XWEM Frame.  All clients that have Frame as
parent window will be reparented to root window.

Here is should be description for default keybindings for frame deletion
and functions description.

TODO: write me

@node Frames Operations, Embedded Frames, Deleting Frames, Frame
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@subsection Frames Operations
@cindex Frames Operations

Here is description about what you can do with Frame.  Switching,
linkage switching, etc.

TODO: write me

@node Embedded Frames, Frames variables and functions, Frames Operations, Frame
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@subsection Embedded Frames
@cindex Embedded Frames

@dfn{Embedded Frame} is Frame and CL at the same time.

Here is description on how to create embedded frames, how to unembed
them and so on.

TODO: write me

@node Frames variables and functions, , Embedded Frames, Frame
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@subsection Frames variables and functions

@defvar xwem-frame-background
This is symbol specifies background color used in XWEM Frame. This color
should be in @code{xwem-gc-syscolors} or in @code{xwem-gc-bonus-colors}.
@result{} "gray60"
@end example
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-frame-cursor-shape
This specifies shape of cursor when pointer is over XWEM Frame. It is
value of one of @code{X-XC-}@dots{} variable.

(eq xwem-frame-cursor-shape 'X-XC-left_ptr)
@result{} t
@end example
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-frame-cursor-foreground-color
Specifies cursor's foreground color when pointer is over XWEM Frame.

@result{} "#002800"
@end example
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-frame-cursor-background-color
Cursor's background color when pointer over XWEM Frame.
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-frame-defprops
Plist which is used to define default properties for newly created XWEM
Frames.  Keys in this plist is symbols, you can use one of:

@code{title-height} - Height in pixels to be used for title bar.

@code{inner-border-width} - Width in pixels of XWEM Frame's inner border.

@code{otter-border-width} - Width in pixels of XWEM Frame's otter border.

@code{title-thickness} - Used for 3D view of title bar.

(inner-border-width 0
 otter-border-width 0
 title-height 17
 title-thickness 2)
@end example
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-face-frame-selected-win-selected
Face used to outline selected Window in selected Frame.
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-face-frame-selected-win-nonselected
Face used to outline non-selected Window in selected Frame.
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-face-frame-nonselected-win-selected
Face to outline selected Window in non-selected Frame.
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-face-frame-nonselected-win-nonselected
Face to outline non-selected Window in non-selected Frame.
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-face-win-delimeter
Face to draw Window delimeter.
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-face-win-delimeter-shadow
Face to draw shadow of Window delimeter.
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-frame-rolling-switch
Non-nil mean that @code{xwem-frame-next} and @code{xwem-frame-previous}
commands will always switch, even if there no next or previous Frame.
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-frame-switch-hook
Hooks to be called when Frame switching occurs
(i.e. @code{xwem-current-frame} changes).  Function will receive two
arguments @var{old-frame} and @var{new-frame}.
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-frame-keymap
Keymap used in Frames.
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-frames-list
List of all Frames.
@end defvar

@defvar xwem-current-frame
Refers to currently selected Frame.
@end defvar

@c Functions begins here
@defun xwem-frame-p frame
Return non-@code{nil} if @var{frame} is valid XWEM Frame.

(xwem-frame-p t)
@result{} nil
@end example
@end defun

@defun xwem-frame-alive-p frame
Return non-@code{nil} if @var{frame} is alive frame, i.e. in
@end defun

@defun xwem-frame-mapped-p frame
Return non-@code{nil} if @var{frame} is mapped, i.e. its contents shown.
@end defun

@defun xwem-frame-map frame
Map @var{frame}, i.e show it contents.
@end defun

@defun xwem-frame-selected
Return currently selected Frame.
@end defun

@defun xwem-frame-selected-p frame
Return non-@code{nil} if @var{frame} is selected Frame.
@end defun

@defun xwem-frame-select frame &optional dnr-hooks
Make @var{frame} to be selected.  Runs @code{xwem-frame-switch-hooks} if
@var{frame} is not already selected and @var{dnr-hooks} non-@code{nil}.
@end defun

@defun xwem-frame-select-defhook old-frame new-frame
Default hook that present in @code{xwem-frame-switch-hooks}.
@end defun

TODO: describe other functions ..

@defun xwem-init-frames
Initialise all stuff needed to manipulate with XWEM Frames.
@end defun

@defun xwem-make-frame props
Creates new Frame with merged @code{xwem-frame-defprops} and @var{props}
together properties.
@end defun

@defun xwem-find-frame xwin
Find Frame by X Window @var{xwin}
@end defun

@defun xwem-frame-find how arg
Find Frame according to @var{how} and @var{arg}.  @var{how} can be one
of @code{xwin}, @code{win} or @code{cl}.  @var{arg} is X Window, XWEM
Window or XWEM Client respectively.
@end defun

@defun xwem-frame-num frame
Return index position of @var{frame} in @code{xwem-frame-list}.
@end defun

@defun xwem-frame-draw frame fully
Draw @var{frame}.  If @var{fully} is non-@code{nil} then
@code{XClearArea} Frame's X window before drawing.
@end defun

@defun xwem-frame-redraw frame
Outlines Windows inside @var{frame}.
@end defun

@c Commands
@defun xwem-frame-switch-nth n
Switch to @var{n} XWEM Frame in @code{xwem-frame-list}.
@end defun

@defun xwem-frame-del-win &optional frame window
Removes XWEM @var{window} from XWEM @var{frame}.
@end defun

@defun xwem-frame-del-others &optional frame window
Removes all XWEM Windows from XWEM @var{frame} other then @var{window}.
@end defun

@defun xwem-frame-split-horiz &optional frame
Splits XWEM @var{frame} horizontally.
@end defun

@defun xwem-frame-split-vert &optional frame
Splits XWEM @var{frame} vertically.
@end defun

@defun xwem-frame-win-enlarge-hor n
Enlarges @code{xwem-win-selected} in @code{xwem-frame-selected} by n
pixels horizontally.
@end defun

@defun xwem-frame-win-enlarge-ver n
Enlarges @code{xwem-win-selected} in @code{xwem-frame-selected} by n
pixels vertically.
@end defun

@defun xwem-frame-goto direction &optional frame
Go to next XWEM Window in @var{frame} in @var{direction}.
@end defun