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;;; xwem-rooticon.el --- Support Icons on root window.

;; Copyright (C) 2004 by Free Software Foundation, Inc.

;; Author: Zajcev Evgeny <>
;; Created: 
;; Keywords: xwem
;; X-CVS: $Id$

;; This file is part of XWEM.

;; XWEM is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
;; under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
;; any later version.

;; XWEM is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
;; ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY
;; License for more details.

;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with XEmacs; see the file COPYING.  If not, write to the Free
;; Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA
;; 02111-1307, USA.

;;; Synched up with: Not in FSF

;;; Commentary:


;;; Code:
(require 'xwem-load)
(require 'xwem-misc)

(require 'xlib-xpm)
(require 'xlib-xshape)

(defgroup xwem-rooticon nil
  "Group to customize rooticon behaviour."
  :prefix "xwem-rooticon-"
  :group 'xwem)

(defcustom xwem-rooticon-placing 'behind-minibuffer
  "*Placing behaviour."
  :type '(choice (const :tag "Behind minibuffer" behind-minibuffer)
                 (const :tag "Random" random))
  :group 'xwem-rooticon)

(defcustom xwem-rooticon-show-label nil
  "*Non-nil mean show Icon name in rooticon."
  :type 'boolean
  :group 'xwem-rooticon)

(defcustom xwem-rooticon-default-icon "root-icon.xpm"
  "*Default rooticon to use.
This icon is used which client does not have its own icon."
  :type 'file
  :group 'xwem-rooticon)

(defcustom xwem-rooticon-default-show-label t
  "*Non-nil mean show label, when `xwem-rooticon-default-icon' is used."
  :type 'boolean
  :group 'xwem-rooticon)

;;; Internal variables

(defstruct xwem-rooticon
(define-xwem-face xwem-rooticon-face
  `((t (:foreground "black" :background "tan"
        :font "-misc-fixed-medium-r-*-*-10-*-*-*-*-*-*-*")))
  "Face to draw text on root icon.")

(defvar xwem-rooticon-map
  (let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))
    (define-key map [button1] 'xwem-rooticon-smart-move)
    (define-key map [button1up] 'xwem-rooticon-select-cl)
    (define-key map [button3] 'xwem-rooticon-menu)
  "Keymap for rooticon windows.")

(defvar xwem-rooticon-default-pixmap nil)

(defun xwem-rooticon-ev-handler (xdpy xwin xev)
  (let ((ri (X-Win-get-prop xwin 'xwem-rooticon)))
    (when (xwem-rooticon-p ri)
      (X-Event-CASE xev
        ((:X-ButtonPress :X-ButtonRelease)
         (xwem-overriding-local-map xwem-rooticon-map
           (let ((xwem-click-rooticon ri))
             (declare (special xwem-click-rooticon))
             (xwem-dispatch-command-xevent xev))))

         (xwem-rooticon-draw ri (X-Event-xexpose-x xev) (X-Event-xexpose-y xev)
                             (X-Event-xexpose-width xev) (X-Event-xexpose-height xev)))

         (xwem-cl-rem-sys-prop (xwem-rooticon-cl ri) 'xwem-rooticon)
         (X-invalidate-cl-struct ri))))))

(defun xwem-rooticon-icons ()
  "Return list of root icons sorted by X."
  (sort (delq nil (mapcar (lambda (cl)
                            (xwem-cl-get-sys-prop cl 'xwem-rooticon))
        (lambda (ri1 ri2)
          (> (X-Geom-x (xwem-rooticon-xgeom ri1))
             (X-Geom-x (xwem-rooticon-xgeom ri2))))))

(defun xwem-rooticon-select-place (cl w h)
  "Select place for rooticon."
  (or (xwem-client-property cl 'rooticon-position)
      (cond ((eq xwem-rooticon-placing 'behind-minibuffer)
             ;; Behind the minibuffer
             (let ((ris (sort (delq nil (mapcar (lambda (cl)
                                                  (let ((ri (xwem-cl-get-sys-prop cl 'xwem-rooticon)))
                                                    (and ri (>= (+ (X-Geom-y (xwem-rooticon-xgeom ri))
                                                                   (X-Geom-height (xwem-rooticon-xgeom ri)))
                                                                (- (X-Geom-height (xwem-rootgeom)) h))
                              (lambda (ri1 ri2)
                                (< (X-Geom-x (xwem-rooticon-xgeom ri1))
                                   (X-Geom-x (xwem-rooticon-xgeom ri2))))))
                   ri1 ri2
                   (x 0))
               (while ris
                 (setq ri1 (car ris)
                       ri2 (cadr ris))
                 (setq x (+ (X-Geom-x (xwem-rooticon-xgeom ri1))
                            (X-Geom-width (xwem-rooticon-xgeom ri1))))
                 (when (and ri1 ri2
                            (>= (- (X-Geom-x (xwem-rooticon-xgeom ri2)) x) w))
                   (setq ris nil))
                 (setq ris (cdr ris)))
             (cons x (- (X-Geom-height (xwem-rootgeom)) h))))
            ((eq xwem-rooticon-placing 'random)
             (cons (random (- (X-Geom-width (xwem-rootgeom)) w))
                   (random (- (X-Geom-height (xwem-rootgeom)) h)))))))

(defun xwem-rooticon-create (cl)
  "Create rooticon for CL."
  (let ((wmh (xwem-hints-wm-hints (xwem-cl-hints cl)))
        (ri (make-xwem-rooticon :cl cl))
    ;; Fill pixmap/mask fields
    (cond ((and (X-WMHints-iconpixmap-p wmh)
                (= (XGetDepth (xwem-dpy) (xwem-rootwin))
                   (XGetDepth (xwem-dpy) (make-X-Pixmap :id (X-WMHints-icon-pixmap wmh)))))
           ;; Has a pixmap of same depth as root window
           (setf (xwem-rooticon-xpixmap ri)
                 (make-X-Pixmap :id (X-WMHints-icon-pixmap wmh)))
           (when (X-WMHints-iconmask-p wmh)
             (setf (xwem-rooticon-xpixmask ri)
                   (make-X-Pixmap :id (X-WMHints-icon-mask wmh)))))
          (t (unless xwem-rooticon-default-pixmap
               (setq xwem-rooticon-default-pixmap
                     (cons (X:xpm-pixmap-from-file
                            (xwem-dpy) (xwem-rootwin)
                            (expand-file-name xwem-rooticon-default-icon xwem-icons-dir))
                            (xwem-dpy) (xwem-rootwin)
                            (expand-file-name xwem-rooticon-default-icon xwem-icons-dir)
             (setf (xwem-rooticon-xpixmap ri) (car xwem-rooticon-default-pixmap))
             (setf (xwem-rooticon-xpixmask ri) (cdr xwem-rooticon-default-pixmap))))
    (setf (xwem-rooticon-xgeom ri)
          (XGetGeometry (xwem-dpy) (xwem-rooticon-xpixmap ri)))
    (setq place (xwem-rooticon-select-place
                 cl (X-Geom-width (xwem-rooticon-xgeom ri))
                 (X-Geom-height (xwem-rooticon-xgeom ri))))
    (setf (X-Geom-x (xwem-rooticon-xgeom ri)) (car place))
    (setf (X-Geom-y (xwem-rooticon-xgeom ri)) (cdr place))
    (setf (xwem-rooticon-xriwin ri)
          (XCreateWindow (xwem-dpy) (xwem-rootwin)
                         (X-Geom-x (xwem-rooticon-xgeom ri))
                         (X-Geom-y (xwem-rooticon-xgeom ri))
                         (X-Geom-width (xwem-rooticon-xgeom ri))
                         (X-Geom-height (xwem-rooticon-xgeom ri))
                         nil nil nil
                         (make-X-Attr :override-redirect t
                                      :event-mask (Xmask-or XM-ButtonPress

    ;; Apply mask
    (when (xwem-rooticon-xpixmask ri)
      (X-XShapeMask (xwem-dpy) (xwem-rooticon-xriwin ri)
                    X-XShape-Bounding X-XShapeSet 0 0
                    (xwem-rooticon-xpixmask ri)))

    (X-Win-EventHandler-add (xwem-rooticon-xriwin ri)
                            'xwem-rooticon-ev-handler nil
                            (list X-ButtonPress X-ButtonRelease
                                  X-DestroyNotify X-Expose))
    (X-Win-put-prop (xwem-rooticon-xriwin ri) 'xwem-rooticon ri)
    (xwem-cl-put-sys-prop cl 'xwem-rooticon ri)

(defun xwem-rooticon-draw (ri &optional x y w h)
  (XCopyArea (xwem-dpy) (xwem-rooticon-xpixmap ri)
             (xwem-rooticon-xriwin ri) (XDefaultGC (xwem-dpy))
             (or x 0) (or y 0)
             (or w (X-Geom-width (xwem-rooticon-xgeom ri)))
             (or h (X-Geom-height (xwem-rooticon-xgeom ri)))
             (or x 0) (or y 0))

  ;; Icon label
  (when (or xwem-rooticon-show-label
            (and xwem-rooticon-default-show-label
                 (eq (car xwem-rooticon-default-pixmap)
                     (xwem-rooticon-xpixmap ri))
                 (eq (cdr xwem-rooticon-default-pixmap)
                     (xwem-rooticon-xpixmask ri))))
    (XImageString (xwem-dpy) (xwem-rooticon-xriwin ri)
                  (xwem-face-get-gc 'xwem-rooticon-face nil (xwem-rooticon-cl ri))
                  0 (- (X-Geom-height (xwem-rooticon-xgeom ri))
                       (X-Font-fontdescent (X-Gc-font (xwem-face-get-gc 'xwem-rooticon-face))))
                  (xwem-cl-wm-icon-name (xwem-rooticon-cl ri)))))

;;; Hooking into clients handling
(define-xwem-deffered xwem-rooticon-apply-state (ri)
  "Show/hide rooticon RI according to RI's client state."
  (when (xwem-rooticon-p ri)
    (case (xwem-cl-state (xwem-rooticon-cl ri))
       (XLowerWindow (xwem-dpy) (xwem-rooticon-xriwin ri))
       (XMapWindow (xwem-dpy) (xwem-rooticon-xriwin ri))
       (xwem-rooticon-draw ri))
      (t (XUnmapWindow (xwem-dpy) (xwem-rooticon-xriwin ri))))))
(defun xwem-rooticon-cl-state-change-hook (cl old-state new-state)
  "Handle CL's state change."
  (let ((ri (xwem-cl-get-sys-prop cl 'xwem-rooticon)))
    ;; Create rooticon if not yet created
    (when (and (eq new-state 'iconified)
               (not ri))
      (setq ri (xwem-rooticon-create cl)))
    (when ri
      (xwem-rooticon-apply-state ri))))

(defun xwem-rooticon-cl-destroy (cl)
  (let ((ri (xwem-cl-get-sys-prop cl 'xwem-rooticon)))
    (when ri
      (xwem-cl-rem-sys-prop cl 'xwem-rooticon)
      (XDestroyWindow (xwem-dpy) (xwem-rooticon-xriwin ri))
      (X-invalidate-cl-struct ri))))

(defun xwem-rooticon-init ()
  "Initialize root icons."
  (xwem-message 'init "Initializing root icons ...")
  (add-hook 'xwem-cl-state-change-hook 'xwem-rooticon-cl-state-change-hook)
  (add-hook 'xwem-cl-destroy-hook 'xwem-rooticon-cl-destroy)
  (xwem-message 'init "Initializing root icons ... done"))
;;; Commands
(define-xwem-command xwem-rooticon-smart-move ()
  "Interactively move rooticon.
If only clicked(not moving) bypass button release event."

  (unless (button-press-event-p xwem-last-event)
    (error 'xwem-error "`xwem-rooticon-smart-move' must be bound to mouse event"))

  (let ((xev (xwem-next-event nil (list X-ButtonRelease X-MotionNotify))))
    (X-Event-CASE xev
       (xwem-dispatch-command-xevent xev))

       (declare (special xwem-click-rooticon))
       (let ((sx (- (X-Event-xmotion-root-x xev)
                    (X-Geom-x (xwem-rooticon-xgeom xwem-click-rooticon))))
             (sy (- (X-Event-xmotion-root-y xev)
                    (X-Geom-y (xwem-rooticon-xgeom xwem-click-rooticon))))
             (done nil))
         (xwem-mouse-grab xwem-cursor-move (xwem-rooticon-xriwin xwem-click-rooticon)
                          (Xmask-or XM-ButtonMotion XM-ButtonRelease))
             (while (not done)
                   (setq xev (xwem-next-event
                              nil (list X-MotionNotify X-ButtonRelease)))
                 (:X-ButtonRelease (setq done t))

                  (setf (X-Geom-x (xwem-rooticon-xgeom xwem-click-rooticon))
                        (- (X-Event-xmotion-root-x xev) sx))
                  (setf (X-Geom-y (xwem-rooticon-xgeom xwem-click-rooticon))
                        (- (X-Event-xmotion-root-y xev) sy))
                  (XMoveWindow (xwem-dpy) (xwem-rooticon-xriwin xwem-click-rooticon)
                               (X-Geom-x (xwem-rooticon-xgeom xwem-click-rooticon))
                               (X-Geom-y (xwem-rooticon-xgeom xwem-click-rooticon))))))

(define-xwem-command xwem-rooticon-select-cl ()
  "Select roowin client."

  (unless (or (button-press-event-p xwem-last-event)
              (button-release-event-p xwem-last-event))
    (error 'xwem-error "`xwem-rooticon-select-cl' must be bound to mouse event"))

  (declare (special xwem-click-rooticon))
  (let ((ricl (xwem-rooticon-cl xwem-click-rooticon)))
    (when (and (xwem-cl-p ricl) (xwem-cl-managed-p ricl))
      (if (xwem-dummy-client-p ricl)
          (xwem-activate ricl)
        (xwem-select-client ricl)))))

(defun xwem-rooticon-genmenu (ri)
  (list "XWEM RootIcon"
        (vector "Select" `(xwem-select-client ,(xwem-rooticon-cl ri)))
        (vector "Info" `(xwem-client-info ,(xwem-rooticon-cl ri)))))

(define-xwem-command xwem-rooticon-menu ()
  "Popup rooticon menu."
  (let ((ri (X-Win-get-prop (X-Event-win xwem-last-xevent) 'xwem-rooticon)))
    (when (xwem-rooticon-p ri)
      (xwem-popup-menu (xwem-rooticon-genmenu ri)))))

(defun xwem-rooticon-set-position (cl prop val)
  "Set CL's rooticon position property PROP to VAL."
  (let ((ri (xwem-cl-get-sys-prop cl 'xwem-rooticon)))
    (if (not (xwem-rooticon-p ri))
        (xwem-cl-put-prop cl prop val)

      (setf (X-Geom-x (xwem-rooticon-xgeom ri)) (car val))
      (setf (X-Geom-y (xwem-rooticon-xgeom ri)) (cdr val))
      (XMoveWindow (xwem-dpy) (xwem-rooticon-xriwin ri)
                   (X-Geom-x (xwem-rooticon-xgeom ri))
                   (X-Geom-y (xwem-rooticon-xgeom ri))))))

(defun xwem-rooticon-get-position (cl prop)
  "Return CL's rooticon position property PROP."
  (let ((ri (xwem-cl-get-sys-prop cl 'xwem-rooticon)))
    (if (not (xwem-rooticon-p ri))
        (xwem-cl-get-prop cl prop)
      (cons (X-Geom-x (xwem-rooticon-xgeom ri))
            (X-Geom-y (xwem-rooticon-xgeom ri))))))
(define-xwem-client-property rooticon-position nil
  "Client's rooticon position."
  :type '(cons (number :tag "X")
               (number :tag "Y"))
  :set 'xwem-rooticon-set-position
  :get 'xwem-rooticon-get-position)

(provide 'xwem-rooticon)

;;;; On-load actions:
(if xwem-started
  (add-hook 'xwem-before-init-wins-hook 'xwem-rooticon-init))

;;; xwem-rooticon.el ends here