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2002-01-02 Steve Youngs <>

* (provides): Update to include all provides.

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+2002-01-02  Steve Youngs  <>
+	* (provides): Update to include all provides.
 2001-12-30  Adrian Aichner  <>
 	* doc\zenirc.texi: Add missing direntry.
    filename FILENAME
    md5sum MD5SUM
    size SIZE
-   provides (zenirc)
+   provides (zenirc-18 zenirc-8ball zenirc-away zenirc-bork zenirc-color zenirc-command-queue zenirc-complete zenirc-ctcp-flood zenirc-dcc zenirc-doto zenirc-fill zenirc-finnish zenirc-format zenirc-fortran zenirc-french zenirc-history zenirc-ignore zenirc-iwantop zenirc-klingon zenirc-latin zenirc-meditate zenirc-netsplit zenirc-notify zenirc-oink zenirc-ojnk zenirc-pjg zenirc-popup zenirc-random-away zenirc-random-nick zenirc-signal zenirc-stamp zenirc-swedish zenirc-trigger zenirc-yow-filter zenirc-yow zenirc)
    requires (REQUIRES)
    type regular