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+2001-12-30  Adrian Aichner  <>
+	* doc\zenirc.texi: Add missing direntry.
 2001-06-16  Simon Josefsson  <>
 	* zenirc.el (zenirc-font-lock-keywords): Some font-lock defaults.

File doc/zenirc.texi

 @c %**start of header
 @settitle ZenIRC Info Pages
+* ZenIRC: (zenirc).      Internet Relay Chat in the Emacs World.
+@end direntry
+@c footnotestyle separate
+@c paragraphindent 2
 @c %**end of header
 @comment New index for options
 Waste time on IRC using ZenIRC
 With ZenIRC you can connect to IRC servers and waste time.
-ZenIRC runs under Emacs-18, Emacs-19, Epoch and Xemacs.
+ZenIRC runs under Emacs-18, Emacs-19, Epoch and XEmacs.
 This manual describes ZenIRC version 3.0.