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ZenIRC-2.1 - Wed Apr 24 20:41:48 MET DST 1996 - Per Persson <>


See the BUGS file.
For missing features, look in the TODO file.


See the INSTALL file for help on how to compile and install ZenIRC.

Look at zenirc-example.el for help on how to set up ZenIRC for daily
usage. If you want more information about ZenIRC internals, read
doc/README (beware, this file is out of date). In time ZenIRC will
come with a texinfo manual.

Found a new bug? Report it with "zenirc-bug" and we'll fix it!


The most current versions of ZenIRC can always be found at;

There are three email addresses for ZenIRC you might be interested in;     (List for annoucments and important mails.)
	send mail to to subscribe. (List for ZenIRC developers.)
	send mail to to subscribe. (List for bug reports.)
	this list is not interesting for you, unless you find a bug.
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