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ZenIRC-2.1 - Wed Apr 24 20:41:48 MET DST 1996 - Per Persson <pp@sno.pp.se>


See the BUGS file.
For missing features, look in the TODO file.


See the INSTALL file for help on how to compile and install ZenIRC.

Look at zenirc-example.el for help on how to set up ZenIRC for daily
usage. If you want more information about ZenIRC internals, read
doc/README (beware, this file is out of date). In time ZenIRC will
come with a texinfo manual.

Found a new bug? Report it with "zenirc-bug" and we'll fix it!


The most current versions of ZenIRC can always be found at;


There are three email addresses for ZenIRC you might be interested in;

 zenirc@splode.com     (List for annoucments and important mails.)
	send mail to zenirc-request@splode.com to subscribe.
 zenirc-dev@splode.com (List for ZenIRC developers.)
	send mail to zenirc-dev-request@splode.com to subscribe.
 zenirc-bug@splode.com (List for bug reports.)
	this list is not interesting for you, unless you find a bug.
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