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ZenIRC TODO list -- Last updated 1998-05-07

* zenirc.el

  Strip ^F, ^P, ^U, ^B and ^_ from receieved PRIVMSG, NOTICE and
  TOPIC. Possibly add functions for this in zenirc.color.el at a later

* zenirc-fill.el

  Add optional function to strip off whitespaces at the end of messages.

* Show Y-class when using /trace command.

* Define current-time for emacs 18.
  Define current-time-string in 18 so that it can format arbitrary time values.

* /ping

  Instead of trying to send to hack current-time-string, or represent big
  integers and such, just send the printed representation of a call to
  current-time.  Then when the reply comes back, read the result and
  compare the conses.  The way to compute the difference of these times is

        (defsubst time-difference (a b)
          (+ (lsh (- (car b) (car a)) 16)
             (- (car (cdr b)) (car (cdr a)))))

  This returns the number of seconds elapsed.

  I would like to remove the kiwi-derived routines anyway.

* zenirc-notify.el

  Make it not trigger if you see the person leave or join a channel.

* zenirc-complete.el

  Make it add nicks seen based on zenirc-complete-add-list, would be
  nice to add things on /trace and /userhost.

* Allow messages from specific users, or different types of messages, to go
  into different buffers.

  If a general mechanism is implemented for this, zenirc-dcc.el should use

  It is likely that zenirc-message will have take a new arg, indicating
  into which buffer the message should go.

  [1995-03-16 Noah is working on this as part of a general purpose library
  for emacs.]

  [1996-07-22 Jason (and Per) is working on another solution to this.]

* Implement "filters", to distinguish semantics from hooks.

  Some things, like the zenirc-format-nickuserhost-hook, don't really want
  to run all the functions; it wants to terminate as soon as a desirable
  formatting is completed.

  There are other instances where two hooks do not necessarily want to be
  run independently.  For instance, zenirc-away.el only wants to display an
  away message if the current away message for a user is not in its cache

  But in general, hooks want to be run independently of each other since
  they may perform some completely orthogonal action, so if some other hook
  wants to abort running the rest of the hook list, the user is screwed.

  I propose a "filter" mechanism which provides a way to specify ordering,
  i.e. they should be able to say "I need to be run before foo but after
  bar" (and this requirement also assumes that bar must necessarily be run
  after foo).  Packages which use this new mechamism may have to know some
  details about other packages for this to work, but that's a given.  These
  filters would be of a different nature from the hooks now being used.

  I do not have a specific interface in mind yet, but I suspect that
  filters will generally be run via the hook mechanism, i.e. one will
  generally do

   (zenirc-add-hook 'zenirc-foo-hook
                     (lambda (&rest args)
                       (apply 'zenirc-run-filter 'zenirc-foo-filter args))))

* Update non-english message catalogs with new strings added to the client
  since it they were first created.

* Write a texinfo manual.

* Make 'undo' only apply to unsent text.

* Make recieved text 'read-only'.

Low priority:

* /list with regexp's.

* Finish zenirc-eval.el.

  This should operate as a CTCP message that reads a sexp and evaluates it.
  In addition to regular eval, there should be an eval-print or some other
  macro that takes the result and sends it in the CTCP reply.  Since irc
  messages are limited to 255 chars or so, the syntactic sugar would be

  For the sake of security weenies, it should have an access list, probably
  a list of regexps of user@host addresses which are allowed to send

  Perhaps there should also be a "novice" flag which displays the form to
  be evaluated in the minibuffer (or a display buffer) and query for
  confirmation before doing anything.

* Write zenirc-alias.el

  ircII like alias but not as smart.

* Write zenirc-save.el
  This should save some default values to a special zenirc.rc file 
  which ZenIRC loads during startup.

* Write zenirc-eliza.el

  This should implement an eliza bot via doctor.el.

* Write zenirc-swedish-chef.el

  This should be a process filter that converts everything people say into
  swedish-chef speak, and it should have an abbrev table that dynamically
  converts user input as well.

* Write zenirc-face.el

  This should be code for Emacs 19 and XEmacs to support highlighting
  for ^Vregions^V and the like.

* Write zenirc-mcelwane.el

  Upcase words RANDOMLY on INPUT!

* zenirc supporting bold controls

  From: Andrew J Cosgriff <ajc@bing.wattle.id.au>
  any chance of zenirc supporting bold controls and stuff (^B et al.) ?