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 create_remote_lvolumes () {
-	ssh root@${REMOTE_HOST} <<-_HERE
-	set -x;
-	remote_vol_name=( ${vol_name[@]} );
-	remote_vol_size=( ${vol_size[@]} );
-	remote_count=0;
-	for remote_lvname in ${remote_vol_name[@]}; do lvcreate -L ${remote_vol_size[$count]}G -n ${remote_lvname} ${REMOTE_TARGET_VGNAME}; remote_count=$(($remote_count+1)); done"
-	_HERE 
+	#vgscan ## just in case : not needed for remote w/ ssh
+	local count=0
+	for lvname in ${vol_name[@]}; do 
+		ssh root@${REMOTE_HOST} "lvcreate -L \"${vol_size[$count]}G\" -n ${lvname} ${TARGET_VGNAME}"
+		count=$(($count+1))
+	done 
 clone_lvolumes () {
 	for lvname in ${vol_name[@]}; do
 		echo -e "Starting clone of: ${lvname}-${SUFFIX}" 
 	echo -ne "	 ${SCRIPTNAME}  --remove-remote-vols	Delete remote volumes.\n"
 	echo -ne "	 ${SCRIPTNAME}  -s, clone, --clone	Clone volumes remotely.\n"
 	echo -ne "	 ${SCRIPTNAME}  -v, view	\t	Print volumes applicable.\n\n"
-	echo -ne "	 Options must be given individually\n\n"
+	echo -ne "	 Options must be given individually.\n\n"
 case "$@" in
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