Video is being autoplayed always

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Antonio Barcia García
created an issue

The embed.html template is using this kind of URL for embedding youtube videos:{{ object.video_id }}&autoplay={{ object.autoplay|yesno:"1,0" }}&fs={{ object.full_screen|yesno:"1,0" }}&border={{ object.border|yesno:"1,0" }}&loop={{ object.loop|yesno:"1,0" }}&rel={{ object.display_related_videos|yesno:"1,0" }

The first query param ("autoplay") is leaded by a "&" instead of a "?" and that's making yotube autoplay the video.

I've solved it in a fork [1] of this plugin. I couldn't make the PR since bitbucket is giving me 500 responses.

Maybe you can use it.


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