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2159 add xz to userland (re-commit of aszeszo's xz package and version bump to 5.0.4)

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File components/xz/Makefile

+# This file and its contents are supplied under the terms of the
+# Common Development and Distribution License ("CDDL)". You may
+# only use this file in accordance with the terms of the CDDL.
+# A full copy of the text of the CDDL should have accompanied this
+# source. A copy of the CDDL is also available via the Internet at
+# Copyright 2011, Andrzej Szeszo
+include ../../make-rules/
+COMPONENT_ARCHIVE_HASH= sha256:d67405798dad645965fe51cf4e40c23d1201fb234378d3c44f5a3787142b83b6
+include ../../make-rules/
+include ../../make-rules/
+include ../../make-rules/
+PKGLINT = true
+CONFIGURE_OPTIONS += --disable-static
+build:		$(BUILD_32)
+install:	$(INSTALL_32)
+test:		$(NO_TESTS)

File components/xz/xz.license

+XZ Utils Licensing
+    Different licenses apply to different files in this package. Here
+    is a rough summary of which licenses apply to which parts of this
+    package (but check the individual files to be sure!):
+      - liblzma is in the public domain.
+      - xz, xzdec, and lzmadec command line tools are in the public
+        domain unless GNU getopt_long had to be compiled and linked
+        in from the lib directory. The getopt_long code is under
+        GNU LGPLv2.1+.
+      - The scripts to grep, diff, and view compressed files have been
+        adapted from gzip. These scripts and their documentation are
+        under GNU GPLv2+.
+      - All the documentation in the doc directory and most of the
+        XZ Utils specific documentation files in other directories
+        are in the public domain.
+      - Translated messages are in the public domain.
+      - The build system contains public domain files, and files that
+        are under GNU GPLv2+ or GNU GPLv3+. None of these files end up
+        in the binaries being built.
+      - Test files and test code in the tests directory, and debugging
+        utilities in the debug directory are in the public domain.
+      - The extra directory may contain public domain files, and files
+        that are under various free software licenses.
+    You can do whatever you want with the files that have been put into
+    the public domain. If you find public domain legally problematic,
+    take the previous sentence as a license grant. If you still find
+    the lack of copyright legally problematic, you have too many
+    lawyers.
+    As usual, this software is provided "as is", without any warranty.
+    If you copy significant amounts of public domain code from XZ Utils
+    into your project, acknowledging this somewhere in your software is
+    polite (especially if it is proprietary, non-free software), but
+    naturally it is not legally required. Here is an example of a good
+    notice to put into "about box" or into documentation:
+        This software includes code from XZ Utils <>.
+    The following license texts are included in the following files:
+      - COPYING.LGPLv2.1: GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1
+      - COPYING.GPLv2: GNU General Public License version 2
+      - COPYING.GPLv3: GNU General Public License version 3
+    Note that the toolchain (compiler, linker etc.) may add some code
+    pieces that are copyrighted. Thus, it is possible that e.g. liblzma
+    binary wouldn't actually be in the public domain in its entirety
+    even though it contains no copyrighted code from the XZ Utils source
+    package.
+    If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask the author(s) for more
+    information.

File components/xz/xz.p5m

+# This file and its contents are supplied under the terms of the
+# Common Development and Distribution License ("CDDL)". You may
+# only use this file in accordance with the terms of the CDDL.
+# A full copy of the text of the CDDL should have accompanied this
+# source. A copy of the CDDL is also available via the Internet at
+# Copyright (c) 2011, Andrzej Szeszo
+# Copyright (c) 2012, Adam Stevko <>
+set name=pkg.fmri value=pkg:/compress/xz@$(IPS_COMPONENT_VERSION),$(BUILD_VERSION)
+set name=pkg.summary value="XZ Utils - general-purpose data compression software"
+set name=info.classification value="org.opensolaris.category.2008:Applications/System Utilities"
+set name=info.upstream-url value=""
+set name=info.source-url value=$(COMPONENT_ARCHIVE_URL)
+set name=org.opensolaris.consolidation value=$(CONSOLIDATION)
+license xz.license license="XZ License"
+dir  path=usr
+dir  path=usr/bin
+dir  path=usr/include
+dir  path=usr/include/lzma
+dir  path=usr/lib
+dir  path=usr/lib/pkgconfig
+dir  path=usr/share
+dir  path=usr/share/doc
+dir  path=usr/share/doc/xz
+dir  path=usr/share/doc/xz/examples
+dir  path=usr/share/doc/xz/examples_old
+dir  path=usr/share/locale
+dir  path=usr/share/locale/cs
+dir  path=usr/share/locale/cs/LC_MESSAGES
+dir  path=usr/share/locale/de
+dir  path=usr/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES
+dir  path=usr/share/locale/fr
+dir  path=usr/share/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES
+dir  path=usr/share/locale/it
+dir  path=usr/share/locale/it/LC_MESSAGES
+dir  path=usr/share/locale/pl
+dir  path=usr/share/locale/pl/LC_MESSAGES
+dir  path=usr/share/man
+dir  path=usr/share/man/man1
+file path=usr/bin/lzmadec
+file path=usr/bin/lzmainfo
+file path=usr/bin/xz
+file path=usr/bin/xzdec
+file path=usr/bin/xzdiff
+file path=usr/bin/xzgrep
+file path=usr/bin/xzless
+file path=usr/bin/xzmore
+file path=usr/include/lzma.h
+file path=usr/include/lzma/base.h
+file path=usr/include/lzma/bcj.h
+file path=usr/include/lzma/block.h
+file path=usr/include/lzma/check.h
+file path=usr/include/lzma/container.h
+file path=usr/include/lzma/delta.h
+file path=usr/include/lzma/filter.h
+file path=usr/include/lzma/hardware.h
+file path=usr/include/lzma/index.h
+file path=usr/include/lzma/index_hash.h
+file path=usr/include/lzma/lzma.h
+file path=usr/include/lzma/stream_flags.h
+file path=usr/include/lzma/version.h
+file path=usr/include/lzma/vli.h
+file path=usr/lib/
+file path=usr/lib/$(COMPONENT_VERSION)
+file path=usr/lib/pkgconfig/liblzma.pc
+file path=usr/share/doc/xz/AUTHORS
+file path=usr/share/doc/xz/COPYING
+file path=usr/share/doc/xz/COPYING.GPLv2
+file path=usr/share/doc/xz/NEWS
+file path=usr/share/doc/xz/README
+file path=usr/share/doc/xz/THANKS
+file path=usr/share/doc/xz/TODO
+file path=usr/share/doc/xz/examples/00_README.txt
+file path=usr/share/doc/xz/examples/01_compress_easy.c
+file path=usr/share/doc/xz/examples/02_decompress.c
+file path=usr/share/doc/xz/examples/03_compress_custom.c
+file path=usr/share/doc/xz/examples/Makefile
+file path=usr/share/doc/xz/examples_old/xz_pipe_comp.c
+file path=usr/share/doc/xz/examples_old/xz_pipe_decomp.c
+file path=usr/share/doc/xz/faq.txt
+file path=usr/share/doc/xz/history.txt
+file path=usr/share/doc/xz/lzma-file-format.txt
+file path=usr/share/doc/xz/xz-file-format.txt
+file path=usr/share/locale/cs/LC_MESSAGES/
+file path=usr/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/
+file path=usr/share/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/
+file path=usr/share/locale/it/LC_MESSAGES/
+file path=usr/share/locale/pl/LC_MESSAGES/
+file path=usr/share/man/man1/lzmainfo.1
+file path=usr/share/man/man1/xz.1
+file path=usr/share/man/man1/xzdec.1
+file path=usr/share/man/man1/xzdiff.1
+file path=usr/share/man/man1/xzgrep.1
+file path=usr/share/man/man1/xzless.1
+file path=usr/share/man/man1/xzmore.1
+link path=usr/bin/lzcat target=xz
+link path=usr/bin/lzcmp target=xzdiff
+link path=usr/bin/lzdiff target=xzdiff
+link path=usr/bin/lzegrep target=xzgrep
+link path=usr/bin/lzfgrep target=xzgrep
+link path=usr/bin/lzgrep target=xzgrep
+link path=usr/bin/lzless target=xzless
+link path=usr/bin/lzma target=xz
+link path=usr/bin/lzmore target=xzmore
+link path=usr/bin/unlzma target=xz
+link path=usr/bin/unxz target=xz
+link path=usr/bin/xzcat target=xz
+link path=usr/bin/xzcmp target=xzdiff
+link path=usr/bin/xzegrep target=xzgrep
+link path=usr/bin/xzfgrep target=xzgrep
+link path=usr/lib/$(COMPONENT_VERSION)
+link path=usr/lib/$(COMPONENT_VERSION)
+link path=usr/share/man/man1/lzcat.1 target=xz.1
+link path=usr/share/man/man1/lzcmp.1 target=xzdiff.1
+link path=usr/share/man/man1/lzdiff.1 target=xzdiff.1
+link path=usr/share/man/man1/lzegrep.1 target=xzgrep.1
+link path=usr/share/man/man1/lzfgrep.1 target=xzgrep.1
+link path=usr/share/man/man1/lzgrep.1 target=xzgrep.1
+link path=usr/share/man/man1/lzless.1 target=xzless.1
+link path=usr/share/man/man1/lzma.1 target=xz.1
+link path=usr/share/man/man1/lzmadec.1 target=xzdec.1
+link path=usr/share/man/man1/lzmore.1 target=xzmore.1
+link path=usr/share/man/man1/unlzma.1 target=xz.1
+link path=usr/share/man/man1/unxz.1 target=xz.1
+link path=usr/share/man/man1/xzcat.1 target=xz.1
+link path=usr/share/man/man1/xzcmp.1 target=xzdiff.1
+link path=usr/share/man/man1/xzegrep.1 target=xzgrep.1
+link path=usr/share/man/man1/xzfgrep.1 target=xzgrep.1