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 Our SQLiteJDBC library requires no configuration since native libraries for major OSs, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux etc., are assembled into a single JAR (Java Archive) file. The usage is quite simple; [download]( 
 our sqlite-jdbc library, then append the library (JAR file) to your class path. 
-See [the sample code](#usage).
+See [the sample code](#markdown-header-usage).
 What is different from Zentus's SQLite JDBC?
 *  Post bug reports or feqture requests to [Issue Tracker](
-<a id="usage"></a>
 SQLite JDBC is a library for accessing SQLite databases through the JDBC API. For the general usage of JDBC, see [JDBC Tutorial]( or [Oracle JDBC Documentation](
-1.  Download sqlite-jdbc-(VERSION).jar from the [download page]( (or by using [Maven](#Maven))
+1.  Download sqlite-jdbc-(VERSION).jar from the [download page]( (or by using [Maven](#markdown-header-maven))
 then append this jar file into your classpath. 
 2.  Load the JDBC driver `org.sqlite.JDBC` from your code. (see the example below) 
 See License FAQ <> for more details.
-<a id="Maven"></a>
 Using SQLiteJDBC with Maven2