executeUpdate() function returns not the expected number of affected rows

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I have a little trouble with the executeUpdate() Function with the new version sqlite-jdbc4-3.8.2-SNAPSHOT.jar: in the older versions (eg sqlite-jdbc-3.7.2), as the return value I get the number of rows which are affected by my update sql on the table. Now, in the new version, I get a number which exceeds the number of the real affected rows. I find out that this happens on table updates, which are done on a tables which have a spatial column. I suppose, that this behavior depends on the triggers, which are part of the spatial columns.

Now my question: how can I get the exact number of affectes rows in the old manner of the sqlite-jdbc version?
I tested this behavior with several other spatial databases, but this sqlite jdbc module is the only one, which delivered not the right number of affected rows

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