Version 3.8.6 and 3.8.7 can't read some columns

Issue #169 new
Dmitry Viktorov
created an issue

I'm using ver 3.7.2 and all is fine. When I tried to upgrade to 3.8.6 and 3.8.7, the db can be written and even read with old (3.7.2) application but the one using 3.8.6/7 can not.

I debugged the issue and found it can't resolve the column data at native mac library returning null. I'm using Mac x64.

I have 12 columns at the table. 1-2 - text, 3-6 blob, 7-12 text. The library fails to read any column after #3 (which is blob). I.e. it reads #3 and returns null for anything after #4.

It seems the native lib for Mac is buggy, and it's not possible to use it.

I can provide more details if needed.