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Support openjdk7 in Mac OS X

Taro L. Saito
repo owner created an issue

OpenJDK7 in Mac uses different naming scheme for os.arch and mapLibraryname.

The following fixes are needed:

os.arch universal or amd64 -> x86_64

mapLibraryName .jnilib -> .dylib

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  1. Greg Rosensteel

    I think there is an issue with running this code on Mac OSX 10.7.5. See my post here:


    Basically there is a ClassNotFoundException inside NestedDb when it tries to load the 'org.sqlite.SQLite' class. NestedDB.java line 59:

    // start the nestedvm runtime try { rt = (Runtime) Class.forName("org.sqlite.SQLite").newInstance(); rt.start(); } catch (Exception e) { throw new CausedSQLException(e); }

    The code works great on a JDK 6. Not sure what changed going to 7.

    BTW my os.name=Mac OS X and os.arch=x86_64

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