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Created a sample Table with CREATE TABLE "table1" ("a" INTEGER, "b" BOOL, "c" VARCHAR, "d" DATETIME) then tried to get the Types Result with getColumnTypeName(): Column "a": Integer Column "b": text Column "c": text Column "d": text

Result with getColumnType(): Column "a": 4 Column "b": 12 Column "c": 12 Column "d": 12

Obviously not right ^ ^

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  1. Julian Sievers

    Observed the same issue when writing integer values in a query. The type of the 4th column is obviously INTEGER, however the type returned by getMetaData().getColumnType(4) is BLOB.

    SELECT AlbumId ,NULL ,NULL ,1 ,NULL ,NULL ,NULL FROM main.Album AS n WHERE NOT EXISTS ( SELECT 1 FROM aux.Album AS o WHERE (n.AlbumId IS o.AlbumId) )

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