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Game Base

Provides a simple environment for C++ game development on Android 2.1+ devices. It is in the public domain, but please consider contributing back changes to improve it.

For those working on Windows, it also includes a Visual Studio 2010 express C++ project which allows you to build and use intellisense from within visual studio, although this is optional.


You will need a functioning Android SDK, but you don't need to bother with the eclipse stuff if you don't want. There is the bare minimum of Java code in this system.

You will also need the android NDK r6, which, on Windows, includes the requirement for a functioning cygwin install.

To use the python scripts to run and create new derived projects, you will need Python 3

The include folder in the project assumes the NDK is at the same level as the repository folder:


You will need to add a file, which looks like this:

# location of the SDK. This is used by Ant and the GameBase scripts
sdk.dir=<location of android sdk>
ndk.dir=<location of android ndk>

How to use

clone the game base repository into a new folder, perhaps called my-game, update to tip and run This converts the game base into a new project which produces my-game.apx when built using ant

You can install using ant install or

Automatic install & run can be done by run

Using pre-packaged modules

You need to set up an ndk modules folder, as described by the ndk documentation. Then:

    hg clone box2d
    hg clone mikmod
    hg clone lua

Then edit the file in the game folder you have created and change the configuration options to use the module you are interested in.