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Kirill Simonov  committed 11837cd

Set the package version to `2.0.0b1`.

`make dist` now builds both a source and an EGG distribution.
`make pypi` now uploads the source and binary distributions to PyPI.

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File Makefile

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 	@echo "  install: to install the HTSQL packages"
 	@echo "  develop: to install the HTSQL packages in the development mode"
 	@echo "  doc: to build the HTSQL documentation"
-	@echo "  dist: to build a source distribution"
-	@echo "  pypi: to register the package with PyPI"
+	@echo "  dist: to build a source and an EGG distribution"
+	@echo "  pypi: to register and upload the package to PyPI"
 	@echo "  *** Regression Testing ***"
 	@echo "  test: to run HTSQL regression tests"
 	sphinx-build -b html doc build/doc
-# Build a source distribution.
+# Build a source and an EGG distributions.
+# FIXME: include HTML documentation.
+	rm -rf build
 	python setup.py sdist --formats=zip,gztar -d build/dist
+	python setup.py bdist_egg -d build/dist
-# Register the package with PyPI.
+# Register and upload the package to PyPI.
+# FIXME: include HTML documentation.
-	python setup.py register
+	rm -rf build
+	python setup.py register sdist -d build/dist bdist_egg -d build/dist upload
 # Regression testing tasks.

File setup.py

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 # `VERSION` parameter is updated here.
-VERSION = "1.1.1-tip"
+VERSION = "2.0.0b1"
 DESCRIPTION = "Query language for the accidental programmer"
 AUTHOR = "Clark C. Evans and Kirill Simonov; Prometheus Research, LLC"

File src/htsql/__init__.py

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-__version__ = '1.1.1-tip'
+__version__ = '2.0.0b1'
 from .application import Application as HTSQL