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 HTSQL provides outstanding clarity without sacrificing rigor.  Not only
 is working with HTSQL more productive than SQL, but things are possible
-that would have otherwise exceeded a user's mental capacity.
+that may have otherwise exceeded a user's mental capacity. 
 Let's assume we have a data model, with schools, departments, programs
 and courses.  Here it is::
           GROUP BY 2) AS d ON (s.code = d.school)
     ORDER BY s.code;
-HTSQL transforms development processes by actively engaging data
-managers and business analysts in software construction.  In traditional
-development models, a requirement document, sample data, and a wireframe
-are given to a developer.  In this model, the data analyst also provides
-a HTSQL query.
-By having a query, there is less guesswork.  Less round trips.