Kirill Simonov avatar Kirill Simonov committed b98278c

Added another scalar example; removed an example
with a scalar filter in an aggregate expression.

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     ORDER BY 1;
+The number of schools with programs
+    /count(school?exists(program))
+    FROM AS s
+                 FROM ad.program AS p
+                 WHERE (s.code =;
 For each school, the number of programs and the number of departments
-    /school{name,count(program),count(department)}
+    /school{name, count(program), count(department)}
     ORDER BY s.code;
-For the astronomy department, the number of courses from 100 to 300
-    /department{name, count(course?number>=100&number<300)}?code='astro'
-    SELECT, COALESCE(c.cnt, 0)
-    FROM ad.department AS d
-         (SELECT COUNT(TRUE) AS cnt, c.department
-          FROM ad.course AS c
-          WHERE (c.number >= 100) AND (c.number < 300)
-          GROUP BY 2) AS c ON (d.code = c.department)
-    WHERE d.code = 'astro'
-    ORDER BY d.code;
 For each school, the average number of courses offered by the departments
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