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     /department{name, avg((course?number>400).credits)}
-Numerical aggregates are supported.  This request computes some useful
-```` statistics (RB6_):
+Numerical aggregates are supported.  These requests compute some useful
+```` statistics (RB6_, RB7_):
-.. htsql:: /department{code, min(course.credits), max(course.credits),
-                       avg(course.credits)}
+.. htsql:: /department{code, min(course.credits), max(course.credits)}
+.. htsql:: /department{code, sum(course.credits), avg(course.credits)}
 .. _RB6:
-    /department{code, min(course.credits), max(course.credits),
-                      avg(course.credits)}
+    /department{code, min(course.credits), max(course.credits)}
+.. _RB7:
+    /department{code, sum(course.credits), avg(course.credits)}
 The ``every`` aggregate tests that a predicate is true for every row in
 the correlated set.  This example returns ``department`` records that
 either lack correlated ``course`` records or where every one of those
-``course`` records have exactly ``3`` credits (RB7_):
+``course`` records have exactly ``3`` credits (RB8_):
-.. htsql:: /department{name, avg(course.credits), count(course)}
+.. htsql:: /department{name, avg(course.credits)}
-.. _RB7:
+.. _RB8:
-    /department{name, avg(course.credits), count(course)}
+    /department{name, avg(course.credits)}