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# Copyright (c) 2006-2010, Prometheus Research, LLC
# Authors: Clark C. Evans <>,
#          Kirill Simonov <>


:copyright: 2006-2010, Prometheus Research, LLC
:authors: Clark C. Evans <>,
          Kirill Simonov <>
:license: See ``LICENSE`` file in the source distribution

This package provides HTSQL, a query language for the accidental programmer.

HTSQL is implemented as a WSGI application.  To create an application, run::

    >>> from htsql import HTSQL
    >>> app = HTSQL(db)

where `db` is a connection URI, a string of the form::


    The type of the database server; ``pgsql`` or ``sqlite``.

    Used for authentication; optional.

    The server address; optional.

    The name of the database; for SQLite, the path to the database file.

To execute a WSGI request, run

    >>> app(environ, start_response)

__version__ = '1.1.1-tip'

from .application import Application as HTSQL