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# Copyright (c) 2006-2010, Prometheus Research, LLC
# Authors: Clark C. Evans <>,
#          Kirill Simonov <>


This module keeps the active HTSQL application in a thread-local variable.

This module exports one global variable:

`context` (:class:`ThreadContext`)
    A thread-local variable that holds the active application.

import threading

class ThreadContext(threading.local):
    Keeps the active HTSQL application.

    def __init__(self):
        self.active_app = None

    def switch(self, old_app, app):
        Activate/inactivate an HTSQL application.

        `old_app` (:class:`htsql.application.Application` or ``None``)
            The current active application or ``None`` if there is no one.

        `app` (:class:`htsql.application.Application` or ``None``)
            The new active application or ``None`` to just inactivate
            the current active application.
        assert self.active_app is old_app
        self.active_app = app

    def app(self):
        Returns the active HTSQL application.

        This property never returns ``None``; when there is no active
        application, it raises an exception.
        assert self.active_app is not None
        return self.active_app

context = ThreadContext()