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Preparing the 0.1.3 release.

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 From: Kirill Simonov <>
-Subject: LibYAML-0.1.2: A minor bugfix release
+Subject: LibYAML-0.1.3: A minor bugfix release
 This is a minor bugfix release of LibYAML, a YAML parser and emitter
 written in C.
 LibYAML homepage:
-TAR.GZ package:
+TAR.GZ package:
 SVN repository:
 Bug tracker:
 # Define the package version numbers and the bug reporting link.
 m4_define([YAML_MAJOR], 0)
 m4_define([YAML_MINOR], 1)
-m4_define([YAML_PATCH], 2)
+m4_define([YAML_PATCH], 3)
 m4_define([YAML_BUGS], [])
 # Define the libtool version numbers; check the Autobook, Section 11.4.
 #           YAML_AGE = 0
 m4_define([YAML_RELEASE], 0)
 m4_define([YAML_CURRENT], 2)
-m4_define([YAML_REVISION], 0)
+m4_define([YAML_REVISION], 1)
 m4_define([YAML_AGE], 0)
 # Initialize autoconf & automake.
-#define YAML_VERSION_STRING "0.1.2"
+#define YAML_VERSION_STRING "0.1.3"
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