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Updated the LibYAML announcement.

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 From: Kirill Simonov <xi@gamma.dn.ua>
 To: yaml-core@lists.sourceforge.net
-Subject: LibYAML-0.0.1: The initial release
+Subject: LibYAML-0.1.2: A minor bugfix release
-I'd like to present the initial release of LibYAML, a YAML parser and emitter
+This is a minor bugfix release of LibYAML, a YAML parser and emitter
 written in C.
 LibYAML homepage:   http://pyyaml.org/wiki/LibYAML
-TAR.GZ package:     http://pyyaml.org/download/libyaml/yaml-0.0.1.tar.gz
-SVN repository:     http://svn.pyyaml.org/libyaml
+TAR.GZ package:     http://pyyaml.org/download/libyaml/yaml-0.1.2.tar.gz
+SVN repository:     http://svn.pyyaml.org/libyaml/branches/stable
 Bug tracker:        http://pyyaml.org/newticket?component=libyaml
 The library is functionally complete, but the documentation is scarce and the
 API is subject to change.  For more information, you may check the project
 homepage, the doxygen-generated documentation in the `doc` directory of the
-source distribution, and the examples `tests/example-reformatter.c` and
+source distribution, and examples in the `tests` directory.
 LibYAML is written by Kirill Simonov <xi@resolvent.net>.  It is released
 under the MIT license.  See the file LICENSE for more details.
-This project is developed for Python Software Foundation as a part of
-Google Summer of Code under the mentorship of Clark Evans.