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[svn] added tim hatch's lexer (forgot about the CHANGELOG entry...) and updated docs to jinja 1

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File docs/

 from docutils.core import publish_parts
 from docutils.writers import html4css1
-from jinja import Template, Context, StringLoader
+from jinja import from_string
 from pygments import highlight
 from pygments.lexers import get_lexer_by_name
   <div id="content">
     <h1 class="heading">Pygments</h1>
     <h2 class="subheading">{{ title }}</h2>
-    {% if not file_id equals "index" %}
+    {% if file_id != "index" %}
       <a id="backlink" href="index.html">&laquo; Back To Index</a>
     {% endif %}
     {% if toc %}
       <div class="toc">
         <ul class="contents">
-        {% for item in toc %}
-          <li><a href="{{ item.0 }}">{{ item.1 }}</a></li>
+        {% for key, value in toc %}
+          <li><a href="{{ key }}">{{ value }}</a></li>
         {% endfor %}
     now =
     title = os.path.basename(filename)[:-4]
     content =
-    parts = generate_documentation(content, (lambda x: './%s.html' % x))
+    c = generate_documentation(content, (lambda x: './%s.html' % x))
     result = file(os.path.join(dst, title + '.html'), 'w')
-    c = Context(parts)
     c['style'] = STYLESHEET + PYGMENTS_FORMATTER.get_style_defs('.syntax')
     c['generation_date'] = now
     c['file_id'] = title
-    t = Template(TEMPLATE, StringLoader())
+    t = from_string(TEMPLATE)

File pygments/lexers/

     'TexLexer': ('pygments.lexers.text', 'TeX', ('tex', 'latex'), ('*.tex', '*.aux', '*.toc'), ('text/x-tex', 'text/x-latex')),
     'TextLexer': ('pygments.lexers.special', 'Text only', ('text',), ('*.txt',), ('text/plain',)),
     'VbNetLexer': ('pygments.lexers.dotnet', '', ('', 'vbnet'), ('*.vb', '*.bas'), ('text/x-vbnet', 'text/x-vba')),
+    'VimLexer': ('pygments.lexers.text', 'VimL', ('vim',), ('*.vim', '.vimrc'), ('text/x-vim',)),
     'XmlDjangoLexer': ('pygments.lexers.templates', 'XML+Django/Jinja', ('xml+django', 'xml+jinja'), (), ('application/xml+django', 'application/xml+jinja')),
     'XmlErbLexer': ('pygments.lexers.templates', 'XML+Ruby', ('xml+erb', 'xml+ruby'), (), ('application/xml+ruby',)),
     'XmlLexer': ('pygments.lexers.web', 'XML', ('xml',), ('*.xml', '*.xsl', '*.rss'), ('text/xml', 'application/xml', 'image/svg+xml', 'application/rss+xml', 'application/atom+xml', 'application/xsl+xml', 'application/xslt+xml')),

File pygments/lexers/

+auto=[('BufAdd', 'BufAdd'), ('BufCreate', 'BufCreate'), ('BufDelete', 'BufDelete'), ('BufEnter', 'BufEnter'), ('BufFilePost', 'BufFilePost'), ('BufFilePre', 'BufFilePre'), ('BufHidden', 'BufHidden'), ('BufLeave', 'BufLeave'), ('BufNew', 'BufNew'), ('BufNewFile', 'BufNewFile'), ('BufRead', 'BufRead'), ('BufReadCmd', 'BufReadCmd'), ('BufReadPost', 'BufReadPost'), ('BufReadPre', 'BufReadPre'), ('BufUnload', 'BufUnload'), ('BufWinEnter', 'BufWinEnter'), ('BufWinLeave', 'BufWinLeave'), ('BufWipeout', 'BufWipeout'), ('BufWrite', 'BufWrite'), ('BufWriteCmd', 'BufWriteCmd'), ('BufWritePost', 'BufWritePost'), ('BufWritePre', 'BufWritePre'), ('Cmd', 'Cmd'), ('CmdwinEnter', 'CmdwinEnter'), ('CmdwinLeave', 'CmdwinLeave'), ('ColorScheme', 'ColorScheme'), ('CursorHold', 'CursorHold'), ('CursorHoldI', 'CursorHoldI'), ('CursorMoved', 'CursorMoved'), ('CursorMovedI', 'CursorMovedI'), ('EncodingChanged', 'EncodingChanged'), ('FileAppendCmd', 'FileAppendCmd'), ('FileAppendPost', 'FileAppendPost'), ('FileAppendPre', 'FileAppendPre'), ('FileChangedRO', 'FileChangedRO'), ('FileChangedShell', 'FileChangedShell'), ('FileChangedShellPost', 'FileChangedShellPost'), ('FileEncoding', 'FileEncoding'), ('FileReadCmd', 'FileReadCmd'), ('FileReadPost', 'FileReadPost'), ('FileReadPre', 'FileReadPre'), ('FileType', 'FileType'), ('FileWriteCmd', 'FileWriteCmd'), ('FileWritePost', 'FileWritePost'), ('FileWritePre', 'FileWritePre'), ('FilterReadPost', 'FilterReadPost'), ('FilterReadPre', 'FilterReadPre'), ('FilterWritePost', 'FilterWritePost'), ('FilterWritePre', 'FilterWritePre'), ('FocusGained', 'FocusGained'), ('FocusLost', 'FocusLost'), ('FuncUndefined', 'FuncUndefined'), ('GUIEnter', 'GUIEnter'), ('InsertChange', 'InsertChange'), ('InsertEnter', 'InsertEnter'), ('InsertLeave', 'InsertLeave'), ('MenuPopup', 'MenuPopup'), ('QuickFixCmdPost', 'QuickFixCmdPost'), ('QuickFixCmdPre', 'QuickFixCmdPre'), ('RemoteReply', 'RemoteReply'), ('SessionLoadPost', 'SessionLoadPost'), ('ShellCmdPost', 'ShellCmdPost'), ('ShellFilterPost', 'ShellFilterPost'), ('SourcePre', 'SourcePre'), ('SpellFileMissing', 'SpellFileMissing'), ('StdinReadPost', 'StdinReadPost'), ('StdinReadPre', 'StdinReadPre'), ('SwapExists', 'SwapExists'), ('Syntax', 'Syntax'), ('TabEnter', 'TabEnter'), ('TabLeave', 'TabLeave'), ('TermChanged', 'TermChanged'), ('TermResponse', 'TermResponse'), ('User', 'User'), ('UserGettingBored', 'UserGettingBored'), ('VimEnter', 'VimEnter'), ('VimLeave', 'VimLeave'), ('VimLeavePre', 'VimLeavePre'), ('VimResized', 'VimResized'), ('WinEnter', 'WinEnter'), ('WinLeave', 'WinLeave'), ('event', 'event')]
+command=[('DeleteFirst', 'DeleteFirst'), ('Explore', 'Explore'), ('Hexplore', 'Hexplore'), ('I', 'I'), ('N', 'Next'), ('NetrwSettings', 'NetrwSettings'), ('Nread', 'Nread'), ('Nw', 'Nw'), ('P', 'Print'), ('Sexplore', 'Sexplore'), ('Vexplore', 'Vexplore'), ('X', 'X'), ('XMLent', 'XMLent'), ('XMLns', 'XMLns'), ('ab', 'abbreviate'), ('abc', 'abclear'), ('abo', 'aboveleft'), ('al', 'all'), ('ar', 'args'), ('arga', 'argadd'), ('argd', 'argdelete'), ('argdo', 'argdo'), ('arge', 'argedit'), ('argg', 'argglobal'), ('argl', 'arglocal'), ('argu', 'argument'), ('as', 'ascii'), ('b', 'buffer'), ('bN', 'bNext'), ('ba', 'ball'), ('bad', 'badd'), ('bd', 'bdelete'), ('be', 'be'), ('bel', 'belowright'), ('bf', 'bfirst'), ('bl', 'blast'), ('bm', 'bmodified'), ('bn', 'bnext'), ('bo', 'botright'), ('bp', 'bprevious'), ('br', 'brewind'), ('brea', 'break'), ('breaka', 'breakadd'), ('breakd', 'breakdel'), ('breakl', 'breaklist'), ('bro', 'browse'), ('bufdo', 'bufdo'), ('buffers', 'buffers'), ('bun', 'bunload'), ('bw', 'bwipeout'), ('c', 'change'), ('cN', 'cNext'), ('cNf', 'cNfile'), ('ca', 'cabbrev'), ('cabc', 'cabclear'), ('cad', 'caddexpr'), ('caddb', 'caddbuffer'), ('caddf', 'caddfile'), ('cal', 'call'), ('cat', 'catch'), ('cb', 'cbuffer'), ('cc', 'cc'), ('ccl', 'cclose'), ('cd', 'cd'), ('ce', 'center'), ('cex', 'cexpr'), ('cf', 'cfile'), ('cfir', 'cfirst'), ('cg', 'cgetfile'), ('cgetb', 'cgetbuffer'), ('cgete', 'cgetexpr'), ('changes', 'changes'), ('chd', 'chdir'), ('che', 'checkpath'), ('checkt', 'checktime'), ('cl', 'clist'), ('cla', 'clast'), ('clo', 'close'), ('cmapc', 'cmapclear'), ('cn', 'cnext'), ('cnew', 'cnewer'), ('cnf', 'cnfile'), ('cnorea', 'cnoreabbrev'), ('co', 'copy'), ('col', 'colder'), ('colo', 'colorscheme'), ('comc', 'comclear'), ('comp', 'compiler'), ('con', 'continue'), ('conf', 'confirm'), ('cope', 'copen'), ('cp', 'cprevious'), ('cpf', 'cpfile'), ('cq', 'cquit'), ('cr', 'crewind'), ('cu', 'cunmap'), ('cuna', 'cunabbrev'), ('cw', 'cwindow'), ('d', 'delete'), ('debugg', 'debuggreedy'), ('delc', 'delcommand'), ('delf', 'delfunction'), ('delm', 'delmarks'), ('di', 'display'), ('diffg', 'diffget'), ('diffoff', 'diffoff'), ('diffpatch', 'diffpatch'), ('diffpu', 'diffput'), ('diffsplit', 'diffsplit'), ('diffthis', 'diffthis'), ('diffu', 'diffupdate'), ('dig', 'digraphs'), ('dj', 'djump'), ('dl', 'dlist'), ('dr', 'drop'), ('ds', 'dsearch'), ('dsp', 'dsplit'), ('e', 'edit'), ('earlier', 'earlier'), ('echoe', 'echoerr'), ('echom', 'echomsg'), ('echon', 'echon'), ('el', 'else'), ('elsei', 'elseif'), ('em', 'emenu'), ('emenu', 'emenu'), ('en', 'endif'), ('endf', 'endfunction'), ('endfo', 'endfor'), ('endt', 'endtry'), ('endw', 'endwhile'), ('ene', 'enew'), ('ex', 'ex'), ('exi', 'exit'), ('exu', 'exusage'), ('f', 'file'), ('files', 'files'), ('filetype', 'filetype'), ('fin', 'find'), ('fina', 'finally'), ('fini', 'finish'), ('fir', 'first'), ('fix', 'fixdel'), ('fo', 'fold'), ('foldc', 'foldclose'), ('foldd', 'folddoopen'), ('folddoc', 'folddoclosed'), ('foldo', 'foldopen'), ('for', 'for'), ('fu', 'function'), ('go', 'goto'), ('gr', 'grep'), ('grepa', 'grepadd'), ('h', 'help'), ('ha', 'hardcopy'), ('helpf', 'helpfind'), ('helpg', 'helpgrep'), ('helpt', 'helptags'), ('hid', 'hide'), ('his', 'history'), ('ia', 'iabbrev'), ('iabc', 'iabclear'), ('if', 'if'), ('ij', 'ijump'), ('il', 'ilist'), ('imapc', 'imapclear'), ('in', 'in'), ('inorea', 'inoreabbrev'), ('is', 'isearch'), ('isp', 'isplit'), ('iu', 'iunmap'), ('iuna', 'iunabbrev'), ('j', 'join'), ('ju', 'jumps'), ('k', 'k'), ('kee', 'keepmarks'), ('keepalt', 'keepalt'), ('keepj', 'keepjumps'), ('l', 'list'), ('lN', 'lNext'), ('lNf', 'lNfile'), ('la', 'last'), ('lad', 'laddexpr'), ('laddb', 'laddbuffer'), ('laddf', 'laddfile'), ('lan', 'language'), ('later', 'later'), ('lb', 'lbuffer'), ('lc', 'lcd'), ('lch', 'lchdir'), ('lcl', 'lclose'), ('le', 'left'), ('lefta', 'leftabove'), ('lex', 'lexpr'), ('lf', 'lfile'), ('lfir', 'lfirst'), ('lg', 'lgetfile'), ('lgetb', 'lgetbuffer'), ('lgete', 'lgetexpr'), ('lgr', 'lgrep'), ('lgrepa', 'lgrepadd'), ('lh', 'lhelpgrep'), ('ll', 'll'), ('lla', 'llast'), ('lli', 'llist'), ('lm', 'lmap'), ('lmak', 'lmake'), ('lmapc', 'lmapclear'), ('ln', 'lnoremap'), ('lne', 'lnext'), ('lnew', 'lnewer'), ('lnf', 'lnfile'), ('lo', 'loadview'), ('loc', 'lockmarks'), ('lockv', 'lockvar'), ('lol', 'lolder'), ('lop', 'lopen'), ('lp', 'lprevious'), ('lpf', 'lpfile'), ('lr', 'lrewind'), ('ls', 'ls'), ('lt', 'ltag'), ('lu', 'lunmap'), ('lv', 'lvimgrep'), ('lvimgrepa', 'lvimgrepadd'), ('lw', 'lwindow'), ('m', 'move'), ('ma', 'mark'), ('mak', 'make'), ('marks', 'marks'), ('mat', 'match'), ('menut', 'menutranslate'), ('mk', 'mkexrc'), ('mks', 'mksession'), ('mksp', 'mkspell'), ('mkv', 'mkvimrc'), ('mkvie', 'mkview'), ('mod', 'mode'), ('mz', 'mzscheme'), ('mzf', 'mzfile'), ('n', 'next'), ('nbkey', 'nbkey'), ('new', 'new'), ('nmapc', 'nmapclear'), ('noh', 'nohlsearch'), ('norea', 'noreabbrev'), ('nu', 'number'), ('nun', 'nunmap'), ('o', 'open'), ('omapc', 'omapclear'), ('on', 'only'), ('opt', 'options'), ('ou', 'ounmap'), ('p', 'print'), ('pc', 'pclose'), ('pe', 'perl'), ('ped', 'pedit'), ('perld', 'perldo'), ('po', 'pop'), ('popu', 'popu'), ('popu', 'popup'), ('pp', 'ppop'), ('pre', 'preserve'), ('prev', 'previous'), ('prof', 'profile'), ('profd', 'profdel'), ('prompt', 'prompt'), ('promptf', 'promptfind'), ('promptr', 'promptrepl'), ('ps', 'psearch'), ('ptN', 'ptNext'), ('pta', 'ptag'), ('ptf', 'ptfirst'), ('ptj', 'ptjump'), ('ptl', 'ptlast'), ('ptn', 'ptnext'), ('ptp', 'ptprevious'), ('ptr', 'ptrewind'), ('pts', 'ptselect'), ('pu', 'put'), ('pw', 'pwd'), ('py', 'python'), ('pyf', 'pyfile'), ('q', 'quit'), ('qa', 'qall'), ('quita', 'quitall'), ('r', 'read'), ('rec', 'recover'), ('red', 'redo'), ('redi', 'redir'), ('redr', 'redraw'), ('redraws', 'redrawstatus'), ('reg', 'registers'), ('res', 'resize'), ('ret', 'retab'), ('retu', 'return'), ('rew', 'rewind'), ('ri', 'right'), ('rightb', 'rightbelow'), ('ru', 'runtime'), ('rub', 'ruby'), ('rubyd', 'rubydo'), ('rubyf', 'rubyfile'), ('rv', 'rviminfo'), ('sN', 'sNext'), ('sa', 'sargument'), ('sal', 'sall'), ('san', 'sandbox'), ('sav', 'saveas'), ('sb', 'sbuffer'), ('sbN', 'sbNext'), ('sba', 'sball'), ('sbf', 'sbfirst'), ('sbl', 'sblast'), ('sbm', 'sbmodified'), ('sbn', 'sbnext'), ('sbp', 'sbprevious'), ('sbr', 'sbrewind'), ('scrip', 'scriptnames'), ('scripte', 'scriptencoding'), ('se', 'set'), ('setf', 'setfiletype'), ('setg', 'setglobal'), ('setl', 'setlocal'), ('sf', 'sfind'), ('sfir', 'sfirst'), ('sh', 'shell'), ('sign', 'sign'), ('sil', 'silent'), ('sim', 'simalt'), ('sl', 'sleep'), ('sla', 'slast'), ('sm', 'smagic'), ('sm', 'smap'), ('smapc', 'smapclear'), ('sme', 'sme'), ('smenu', 'smenu'), ('sn', 'snext'), ('sni', 'sniff'), ('sno', 'snomagic'), ('snor', 'snoremap'), ('snoreme', 'snoreme'), ('snoremenu', 'snoremenu'), ('so', 'source'), ('sor', 'sort'), ('sp', 'split'), ('spe', 'spellgood'), ('spelld', 'spelldump'), ('spelli', 'spellinfo'), ('spellr', 'spellrepall'), ('spellu', 'spellundo'), ('spellw', 'spellwrong'), ('spr', 'sprevious'), ('sre', 'srewind'), ('st', 'stop'), ('sta', 'stag'), ('star', 'startinsert'), ('startg', 'startgreplace'), ('startr', 'startreplace'), ('stj', 'stjump'), ('stopi', 'stopinsert'), ('sts', 'stselect'), ('sun', 'sunhide'), ('sunm', 'sunmap'), ('sus', 'suspend'), ('sv', 'sview'), ('syncbind', 'syncbind'), ('t', 't'), ('tN', 'tNext'), ('ta', 'tag'), ('tab', 'tab'), ('tabN', 'tabNext'), ('tabc', 'tabclose'), ('tabd', 'tabdo'), ('tabe', 'tabedit'), ('tabf', 'tabfind'), ('tabfir', 'tabfirst'), ('tabl', 'tablast'), ('tabmove', 'tabmove'), ('tabn', 'tabnext'), ('tabnew', 'tabnew'), ('tabo', 'tabonly'), ('tabp', 'tabprevious'), ('tabr', 'tabrewind'), ('tabs', 'tabs'), ('tags', 'tags'), ('tc', 'tcl'), ('tcld', 'tcldo'), ('tclf', 'tclfile'), ('te', 'tearoff'), ('tf', 'tfirst'), ('th', 'throw'), ('the', 'the'), ('tj', 'tjump'), ('tl', 'tlast'), ('tm', 'tm'), ('tm', 'tmenu'), ('tn', 'tnext'), ('to', 'topleft'), ('tp', 'tprevious'), ('tr', 'trewind'), ('try', 'try'), ('ts', 'tselect'), ('tu', 'tu'), ('tu', 'tunmenu'), ('u', 'undo'), ('una', 'unabbreviate'), ('undoj', 'undojoin'), ('undol', 'undolist'), ('unh', 'unhide'), ('unlo', 'unlockvar'), ('unm', 'unmap'), ('up', 'update'), ('ve', 'version'), ('verb', 'verbose'), ('vert', 'vertical'), ('vi', 'visual'), ('vie', 'view'), ('vim', 'vimgrep'), ('vimgrepa', 'vimgrepadd'), ('viu', 'viusage'), ('vmapc', 'vmapclear'), ('vne', 'vnew'), ('vs', 'vsplit'), ('vu', 'vunmap'), ('w', 'write'), ('wN', 'wNext'), ('wa', 'wall'), ('wh', 'while'), ('win', 'winsize'), ('winc', 'wincmd'), ('windo', 'windo'), ('winp', 'winpos'), ('wn', 'wnext'), ('wp', 'wprevious'), ('wq', 'wq'), ('wqa', 'wqall'), ('ws', 'wsverb'), ('wv', 'wviminfo'), ('x', 'xit'), ('xa', 'xall'), ('xm', 'xmap'), ('xmapc', 'xmapclear'), ('xme', 'xme'), ('xmenu', 'xmenu'), ('xn', 'xnoremap'), ('xnoreme', 'xnoreme'), ('xnoremenu', 'xnoremenu'), ('xu', 'xunmap'), ('y', 'yank')]
+option=[('acd', 'acd'), ('ai', 'ai'), ('akm', 'akm'), ('al', 'al'), ('aleph', 'aleph'), ('allowrevins', 'allowrevins'), ('altkeymap', 'altkeymap'), ('ambiwidth', 'ambiwidth'), ('ambw', 'ambw'), ('anti', 'anti'), ('antialias', 'antialias'), ('ar', 'ar'), ('arab', 'arab'), ('arabic', 'arabic'), ('arabicshape', 'arabicshape'), ('ari', 'ari'), ('arshape', 'arshape'), ('autochdir', 'autochdir'), ('autoindent', 'autoindent'), ('autoread', 'autoread'), ('autowrite', 'autowrite'), ('autowriteall', 'autowriteall'), ('aw', 'aw'), ('awa', 'awa'), ('background', 'background'), ('backspace', 'backspace'), ('backup', 'backup'), ('backupcopy', 'backupcopy'), ('backupdir', 'backupdir'), ('backupext', 'backupext'), ('backupskip', 'backupskip'), ('balloondelay', 'balloondelay'), ('ballooneval', 'ballooneval'), ('balloonexpr', 'balloonexpr'), ('bar', 'bar'), ('bdir', 'bdir'), ('bdlay', 'bdlay'), ('beval', 'beval'), ('bex', 'bex'), ('bexpr', 'bexpr'), ('bg', 'bg'), ('bh', 'bh'), ('bin', 'bin'), ('binary', 'binary'), ('biosk', 'biosk'), ('bioskey', 'bioskey'), ('bk', 'bk'), ('bkc', 'bkc'), ('bl', 'bl'), ('block', 'block'), ('bomb', 'bomb'), ('breakat', 'breakat'), ('brk', 'brk'), ('browsedir', 'browsedir'), ('bs', 'bs'), ('bsdir', 'bsdir'), ('bsk', 'bsk'), ('bt', 'bt'), ('bufhidden', 'bufhidden'), ('buflisted', 'buflisted'), ('buftype', 'buftype'), ('casemap', 'casemap'), ('cb', 'cb'), ('ccv', 'ccv'), ('cd', 'cd'), ('cdpath', 'cdpath'), ('cedit', 'cedit'), ('cf', 'cf'), ('cfu', 'cfu'), ('ch', 'ch'), ('charconvert', 'charconvert'), ('ci', 'ci'), ('cin', 'cin'), ('cindent', 'cindent'), ('cink', 'cink'), ('cinkeys', 'cinkeys'), ('cino', 'cino'), ('cinoptions', 'cinoptions'), ('cinw', 'cinw'), ('cinwords', 'cinwords'), ('clipboard', 'clipboard'), ('cmdheight', 'cmdheight'), ('cmdwinheight', 'cmdwinheight'), ('cmp', 'cmp'), ('cms', 'cms'), ('co', 'co'), ('columns', 'columns'), ('com', 'com'), ('comments', 'comments'), ('commentstring', 'commentstring'), ('compatible', 'compatible'), ('complete', 'complete'), ('completefunc', 'completefunc'), ('completeopt', 'completeopt'), ('confirm', 'confirm'), ('consk', 'consk'), ('conskey', 'conskey'), ('copyindent', 'copyindent'), ('cot', 'cot'), ('cp', 'cp'), ('cpo', 'cpo'), ('cpoptions', 'cpoptions'), ('cpt', 'cpt'), ('cscopepathcomp', 'cscopepathcomp'), ('cscopeprg', 'cscopeprg'), ('cscopequickfix', 'cscopequickfix'), ('cscopetag', 'cscopetag'), ('cscopetagorder', 'cscopetagorder'), ('cscopeverbose', 'cscopeverbose'), ('cspc', 'cspc'), ('csprg', 'csprg'), ('csqf', 'csqf'), ('cst', 'cst'), ('csto', 'csto'), ('csverb', 'csverb'), ('cuc', 'cuc'), ('cul', 'cul'), ('cursor', 'cursor'), ('cursor', 'cursor'), ('cursorcolumn', 'cursorcolumn'), ('cursorline', 'cursorline'), ('cwh', 'cwh'), ('debug', 'debug'), ('deco', 'deco'), ('def', 'def'), ('define', 'define'), ('delcombine', 'delcombine'), ('dex', 'dex'), ('dg', 'dg'), ('dict', 'dict'), ('dictionary', 'dictionary'), ('diff', 'diff'), ('diffexpr', 'diffexpr'), ('diffopt', 'diffopt'), ('digraph', 'digraph'), ('dip', 'dip'), ('dir', 'dir'), ('directory', 'directory'), ('display', 'display'), ('dy', 'dy'), ('ea', 'ea'), ('ead', 'ead'), ('eadirection', 'eadirection'), ('eb', 'eb'), ('ed', 'ed'), ('edcompatible', 'edcompatible'), ('ef', 'ef'), ('efm', 'efm'), ('ei', 'ei'), ('ek', 'ek'), ('enc', 'enc'), ('encoding', 'encoding'), ('end', 'end'), ('endofline', 'endofline'), ('eol', 'eol'), ('ep', 'ep'), ('equalalways', 'equalalways'), ('equalprg', 'equalprg'), ('errorbells', 'errorbells'), ('errorfile', 'errorfile'), ('errorformat', 'errorformat'), ('esckeys', 'esckeys'), ('et', 'et'), ('eventignore', 'eventignore'), ('ex', 'ex'), ('expandtab', 'expandtab'), ('exrc', 'exrc'), ('fcl', 'fcl'), ('fcs', 'fcs'), ('fdc', 'fdc'), ('fde', 'fde'), ('fdi', 'fdi'), ('fdl', 'fdl'), ('fdls', 'fdls'), ('fdm', 'fdm'), ('fdn', 'fdn'), ('fdo', 'fdo'), ('fdt', 'fdt'), ('fen', 'fen'), ('fenc', 'fenc'), ('fencs', 'fencs'), ('fex', 'fex'), ('ff', 'ff'), ('ffs', 'ffs'), ('fileencoding', 'fileencoding'), ('fileencodings', 'fileencodings'), ('fileformat', 'fileformat'), ('fileformats', 'fileformats'), ('filetype', 'filetype'), ('fillchars', 'fillchars'), ('fk', 'fk'), ('fkmap', 'fkmap'), ('flp', 'flp'), ('fml', 'fml'), ('fmr', 'fmr'), ('fo', 'fo'), ('foldclose', 'foldclose'), ('foldcolumn', 'foldcolumn'), ('foldenable', 'foldenable'), ('foldexpr', 'foldexpr'), ('foldignore', 'foldignore'), ('foldlevel', 'foldlevel'), ('foldlevelstart', 'foldlevelstart'), ('foldmarker', 'foldmarker'), ('foldmethod', 'foldmethod'), ('foldminlines', 'foldminlines'), ('foldnestmax', 'foldnestmax'), ('foldopen', 'foldopen'), ('foldtext', 'foldtext'), ('formatexpr', 'formatexpr'), ('formatlistpat', 'formatlistpat'), ('formatoptions', 'formatoptions'), ('formatprg', 'formatprg'), ('fp', 'fp'), ('fs', 'fs'), ('fsync', 'fsync'), ('ft', 'ft'), ('gcr', 'gcr'), ('gd', 'gd'), ('gdefault', 'gdefault'), ('gfm', 'gfm'), ('gfn', 'gfn'), ('gfs', 'gfs'), ('gfw', 'gfw'), ('ghr', 'ghr'), ('go', 'go'), ('gp', 'gp'), ('grepformat', 'grepformat'), ('grepprg', 'grepprg'), ('gtl', 'gtl'), ('gtt', 'gtt'), ('guicursor', 'guicursor'), ('guifont', 'guifont'), ('guifontset', 'guifontset'), ('guifontwide', 'guifontwide'), ('guiheadroom', 'guiheadroom'), ('guioptions', 'guioptions'), ('guipty', 'guipty'), ('guitablabel', 'guitablabel'), ('guitabtooltip', 'guitabtooltip'), ('helpfile', 'helpfile'), ('helpheight', 'helpheight'), ('helplang', 'helplang'), ('hf', 'hf'), ('hh', 'hh'), ('hi', 'hi'), ('hid', 'hid'), ('hidden', 'hidden'), ('highlight', 'highlight'), ('history', 'history'), ('hk', 'hk'), ('hkmap', 'hkmap'), ('hkmapp', 'hkmapp'), ('hkp', 'hkp'), ('hl', 'hl'), ('hlg', 'hlg'), ('hls', 'hls'), ('hlsearch', 'hlsearch'), ('ic', 'ic'), ('icon', 'icon'), ('iconstring', 'iconstring'), ('ignorecase', 'ignorecase'), ('im', 'im'), ('imactivatekey', 'imactivatekey'), ('imak', 'imak'), ('imc', 'imc'), ('imcmdline', 'imcmdline'), ('imd', 'imd'), ('imdisable', 'imdisable'), ('imi', 'imi'), ('iminsert', 'iminsert'), ('ims', 'ims'), ('imsearch', 'imsearch'), ('inc', 'inc'), ('include', 'include'), ('includeexpr', 'includeexpr'), ('incsearch', 'incsearch'), ('inde', 'inde'), ('indentexpr', 'indentexpr'), ('indentkeys', 'indentkeys'), ('indk', 'indk'), ('inex', 'inex'), ('inf', 'inf'), ('infercase', 'infercase'), ('insert', 'insert'), ('insert', 'insert'), ('insertmode', 'insertmode'), ('invacd', 'invacd'), ('invai', 'invai'), ('invakm', 'invakm'), ('invallowrevins', 'invallowrevins'), ('invaltkeymap', 'invaltkeymap'), ('invanti', 'invanti'), ('invantialias', 'invantialias'), ('invar', 'invar'), ('invarab', 'invarab'), ('invarabic', 'invarabic'), ('invarabicshape', 'invarabicshape'), ('invari', 'invari'), ('invarshape', 'invarshape'), ('invautochdir', 'invautochdir'), ('invautoindent', 'invautoindent'), ('invautoread', 'invautoread'), ('invautowrite', 'invautowrite'), ('invautowriteall', 'invautowriteall'), ('invaw', 'invaw'), ('invawa', 'invawa'), ('invbackup', 'invbackup'), ('invballooneval', 'invballooneval'), ('invbeval', 'invbeval'), ('invbin', 'invbin'), ('invbinary', 'invbinary'), ('invbiosk', 'invbiosk'), ('invbioskey', 'invbioskey'), ('invbk', 'invbk'), ('invbl', 'invbl'), ('invbomb', 'invbomb'), ('invbuflisted', 'invbuflisted'), ('invcf', 'invcf'), ('invci', 'invci'), ('invcin', 'invcin'), ('invcindent', 'invcindent'), ('invcompatible', 'invcompatible'), ('invconfirm', 'invconfirm'), ('invconsk', 'invconsk'), ('invconskey', 'invconskey'), ('invcopyindent', 'invcopyindent'), ('invcp', 'invcp'), ('invcscopetag', 'invcscopetag'), ('invcscopeverbose', 'invcscopeverbose'), ('invcst', 'invcst'), ('invcsverb', 'invcsverb'), ('invcuc', 'invcuc'), ('invcul', 'invcul'), ('invcursorcolumn', 'invcursorcolumn'), ('invcursorline', 'invcursorline'), ('invdeco', 'invdeco'), ('invdelcombine', 'invdelcombine'), ('invdg', 'invdg'), ('invdiff', 'invdiff'), ('invdigraph', 'invdigraph'), ('invdisable', 'invdisable'), ('invea', 'invea'), ('inveb', 'inveb'), ('inved', 'inved'), ('invedcompatible', 'invedcompatible'), ('invek', 'invek'), ('invendofline', 'invendofline'), ('inveol', 'inveol'), ('invequalalways', 'invequalalways'), ('inverrorbells', 'inverrorbells'), ('invesckeys', 'invesckeys'), ('invet', 'invet'), ('invex', 'invex'), ('invexpandtab', 'invexpandtab'), ('invexrc', 'invexrc'), ('invfen', 'invfen'), ('invfk', 'invfk'), ('invfkmap', 'invfkmap'), ('invfoldenable', 'invfoldenable'), ('invgd', 'invgd'), ('invgdefault', 'invgdefault'), ('invguipty', 'invguipty'), ('invhid', 'invhid'), ('invhidden', 'invhidden'), ('invhk', 'invhk'), ('invhkmap', 'invhkmap'), ('invhkmapp', 'invhkmapp'), ('invhkp', 'invhkp'), ('invhls', 'invhls'), ('invhlsearch', 'invhlsearch'), ('invic', 'invic'), ('invicon', 'invicon'), ('invignorecase', 'invignorecase'), ('invim', 'invim'), ('invimc', 'invimc'), ('invimcmdline', 'invimcmdline'), ('invimd', 'invimd'), ('invincsearch', 'invincsearch'), ('invinf', 'invinf'), ('invinfercase', 'invinfercase'), ('invinsertmode', 'invinsertmode'), ('invis', 'invis'), ('invjoinspaces', 'invjoinspaces'), ('invjs', 'invjs'), ('invlazyredraw', 'invlazyredraw'), ('invlbr', 'invlbr'), ('invlinebreak', 'invlinebreak'), ('invlisp', 'invlisp'), ('invlist', 'invlist'), ('invloadplugins', 'invloadplugins'), ('invlpl', 'invlpl'), ('invlz', 'invlz'), ('invma', 'invma'), ('invmacatsui', 'invmacatsui'), ('invmagic', 'invmagic'), ('invmh', 'invmh'), ('invml', 'invml'), ('invmod', 'invmod'), ('invmodeline', 'invmodeline'), ('invmodifiable', 'invmodifiable'), ('invmodified', 'invmodified'), ('invmore', 'invmore'), ('invmousef', 'invmousef'), ('invmousefocus', 'invmousefocus'), ('invmousehide', 'invmousehide'), ('invnu', 'invnu'), ('invnumber', 'invnumber'), ('invpaste', 'invpaste'), ('invpi', 'invpi'), ('invpreserveindent', 'invpreserveindent'), ('invpreviewwindow', 'invpreviewwindow'), ('invprompt', 'invprompt'), ('invpvw', 'invpvw'), ('invreadonly', 'invreadonly'), ('invremap', 'invremap'), ('invrestorescreen', 'invrestorescreen'), ('invrevins', 'invrevins'), ('invri', 'invri'), ('invrightleft', 'invrightleft'), ('invrightleftcmd', 'invrightleftcmd'), ('invrl', 'invrl'), ('invrlc', 'invrlc'), ('invro', 'invro'), ('invrs', 'invrs'), ('invru', 'invru'), ('invruler', 'invruler'), ('invsb', 'invsb'), ('invsc', 'invsc'), ('invscb', 'invscb'), ('invscrollbind', 'invscrollbind'), ('invscs', 'invscs'), ('invsecure', 'invsecure'), ('invsft', 'invsft'), ('invshellslash', 'invshellslash'), ('invshelltemp', 'invshelltemp'), ('invshiftround', 'invshiftround'), ('invshortname', 'invshortname'), ('invshowcmd', 'invshowcmd'), ('invshowfulltag', 'invshowfulltag'), ('invshowmatch', 'invshowmatch'), ('invshowmode', 'invshowmode'), ('invsi', 'invsi'), ('invsm', 'invsm'), ('invsmartcase', 'invsmartcase'), ('invsmartindent', 'invsmartindent'), ('invsmarttab', 'invsmarttab'), ('invsmd', 'invsmd'), ('invsn', 'invsn'), ('invsol', 'invsol'), ('invspell', 'invspell'), ('invsplitbelow', 'invsplitbelow'), ('invsplitright', 'invsplitright'), ('invspr', 'invspr'), ('invsr', 'invsr'), ('invssl', 'invssl'), ('invsta', 'invsta'), ('invstartofline', 'invstartofline'), ('invstmp', 'invstmp'), ('invswapfile', 'invswapfile'), ('invswf', 'invswf'), ('invta', 'invta'), ('invtagbsearch', 'invtagbsearch'), ('invtagrelative', 'invtagrelative'), ('invtagstack', 'invtagstack'), ('invtbi', 'invtbi'), ('invtbidi', 'invtbidi'), ('invtbs', 'invtbs'), ('invtermbidi', 'invtermbidi'), ('invterse', 'invterse'), ('invtextauto', 'invtextauto'), ('invtextmode', 'invtextmode'), ('invtf', 'invtf'), ('invtgst', 'invtgst'), ('invtildeop', 'invtildeop'), ('invtimeout', 'invtimeout'), ('invtitle', 'invtitle'), ('invto', 'invto'), ('invtop', 'invtop'), ('invtr', 'invtr'), ('invttimeout', 'invttimeout'), ('invttybuiltin', 'invttybuiltin'), ('invttyfast', 'invttyfast'), ('invtx', 'invtx'), ('invvb', 'invvb'), ('invvisualbell', 'invvisualbell'), ('invwa', 'invwa'), ('invwarn', 'invwarn'), ('invwb', 'invwb'), ('invweirdinvert', 'invweirdinvert'), ('invwfh', 'invwfh'), ('invwfw', 'invwfw'), ('invwildmenu', 'invwildmenu'), ('invwinfixheight', 'invwinfixheight'), ('invwinfixwidth', 'invwinfixwidth'), ('invwiv', 'invwiv'), ('invwmnu', 'invwmnu'), ('invwrap', 'invwrap'), ('invwrapscan', 'invwrapscan'), ('invwrite', 'invwrite'), ('invwriteany', 'invwriteany'), ('invwritebackup', 'invwritebackup'), ('invws', 'invws'), ('is', 'is'), ('isf', 'isf'), ('isfname', 'isfname'), ('isi', 'isi'), ('isident', 'isident'), ('isk', 'isk'), ('iskeyword', 'iskeyword'), ('isp', 'isp'), ('isprint', 'isprint'), ('joinspaces', 'joinspaces'), ('js', 'js'), ('key', 'key'), ('keymap', 'keymap'), ('keymodel', 'keymodel'), ('keywordprg', 'keywordprg'), ('km', 'km'), ('kmp', 'kmp'), ('kp', 'kp'), ('langmap', 'langmap'), ('langmenu', 'langmenu'), ('laststatus', 'laststatus'), ('lazyredraw', 'lazyredraw'), ('lbr', 'lbr'), ('lcs', 'lcs'), ('linebreak', 'linebreak'), ('lines', 'lines'), ('linespace', 'linespace'), ('lisp', 'lisp'), ('lispwords', 'lispwords'), ('list', 'list'), ('listchars', 'listchars'), ('lm', 'lm'), ('lmap', 'lmap'), ('loadplugins', 'loadplugins'), ('lpl', 'lpl'), ('ls', 'ls'), ('lsp', 'lsp'), ('lw', 'lw'), ('lz', 'lz'), ('ma', 'ma'), ('macatsui', 'macatsui'), ('magic', 'magic'), ('makeef', 'makeef'), ('makeprg', 'makeprg'), ('mat', 'mat'), ('matchpairs', 'matchpairs'), ('matchtime', 'matchtime'), ('maxcombine', 'maxcombine'), ('maxfuncdepth', 'maxfuncdepth'), ('maxmapdepth', 'maxmapdepth'), ('maxmem', 'maxmem'), ('maxmempattern', 'maxmempattern'), ('maxmemtot', 'maxmemtot'), ('mco', 'mco'), ('mef', 'mef'), ('menuitems', 'menuitems'), ('mfd', 'mfd'), ('mh', 'mh'), ('mis', 'mis'), ('mkspellmem', 'mkspellmem'), ('ml', 'ml'), ('mls', 'mls'), ('mm', 'mm'), ('mmd', 'mmd'), ('mmp', 'mmp'), ('mmt', 'mmt'), ('mod', 'mod'), ('mode', 'mode'), ('mode', 'mode'), ('modeline', 'modeline'), ('modelines', 'modelines'), ('modifiable', 'modifiable'), ('modified', 'modified'), ('more', 'more'), ('mouse', 'mouse'), ('mousef', 'mousef'), ('mousefocus', 'mousefocus'), ('mousehide', 'mousehide'), ('mousem', 'mousem'), ('mousemodel', 'mousemodel'), ('mouses', 'mouses'), ('mouseshape', 'mouseshape'), ('mouset', 'mouset'), ('mousetime', 'mousetime'), ('mp', 'mp'), ('mps', 'mps'), ('msm', 'msm'), ('mzq', 'mzq'), ('mzquantum', 'mzquantum'), ('nf', 'nf'), ('noacd', 'noacd'), ('noai', 'noai'), ('noakm', 'noakm'), ('noallowrevins', 'noallowrevins'), ('noaltkeymap', 'noaltkeymap'), ('noanti', 'noanti'), ('noantialias', 'noantialias'), ('noar', 'noar'), ('noarab', 'noarab'), ('noarabic', 'noarabic'), ('noarabicshape', 'noarabicshape'), ('noari', 'noari'), ('noarshape', 'noarshape'), ('noautochdir', 'noautochdir'), ('noautoindent', 'noautoindent'), ('noautoread', 'noautoread'), ('noautowrite', 'noautowrite'), ('noautowriteall', 'noautowriteall'), ('noaw', 'noaw'), ('noawa', 'noawa'), ('nobackup', 'nobackup'), ('noballooneval', 'noballooneval'), ('nobeval', 'nobeval'), ('nobin', 'nobin'), ('nobinary', 'nobinary'), ('nobiosk', 'nobiosk'), ('nobioskey', 'nobioskey'), ('nobk', 'nobk'), ('nobl', 'nobl'), ('nobomb', 'nobomb'), ('nobuflisted', 'nobuflisted'), ('nocf', 'nocf'), ('noci', 'noci'), ('nocin', 'nocin'), ('nocindent', 'nocindent'), ('nocompatible', 'nocompatible'), ('noconfirm', 'noconfirm'), ('noconsk', 'noconsk'), ('noconskey', 'noconskey'), ('nocopyindent', 'nocopyindent'), ('nocp', 'nocp'), ('nocscopetag', 'nocscopetag'), ('nocscopeverbose', 'nocscopeverbose'), ('nocst', 'nocst'), ('nocsverb', 'nocsverb'), ('nocuc', 'nocuc'), ('nocul', 'nocul'), ('nocursorcolumn', 'nocursorcolumn'), ('nocursorline', 'nocursorline'), ('nodeco', 'nodeco'), ('nodelcombine', 'nodelcombine'), ('nodg', 'nodg'), ('nodiff', 'nodiff'), ('nodigraph', 'nodigraph'), ('nodisable', 'nodisable'), ('noea', 'noea'), ('noeb', 'noeb'), ('noed', 'noed'), ('noedcompatible', 'noedcompatible'), ('noek', 'noek'), ('noendofline', 'noendofline'), ('noeol', 'noeol'), ('noequalalways', 'noequalalways'), ('noerrorbells', 'noerrorbells'), ('noesckeys', 'noesckeys'), ('noet', 'noet'), ('noex', 'noex'), ('noexpandtab', 'noexpandtab'), ('noexrc', 'noexrc'), ('nofen', 'nofen'), ('nofk', 'nofk'), ('nofkmap', 'nofkmap'), ('nofoldenable', 'nofoldenable'), ('nogd', 'nogd'), ('nogdefault', 'nogdefault'), ('noguipty', 'noguipty'), ('nohid', 'nohid'), ('nohidden', 'nohidden'), ('nohk', 'nohk'), ('nohkmap', 'nohkmap'), ('nohkmapp', 'nohkmapp'), ('nohkp', 'nohkp'), ('nohls', 'nohls'), ('nohlsearch', 'nohlsearch'), ('noic', 'noic'), ('noicon', 'noicon'), ('noignorecase', 'noignorecase'), ('noim', 'noim'), ('noimc', 'noimc'), ('noimcmdline', 'noimcmdline'), ('noimd', 'noimd'), ('noincsearch', 'noincsearch'), ('noinf', 'noinf'), ('noinfercase', 'noinfercase'), ('noinsertmode', 'noinsertmode'), ('nois', 'nois'), ('nojoinspaces', 'nojoinspaces'), ('nojs', 'nojs'), ('nolazyredraw', 'nolazyredraw'), ('nolbr', 'nolbr'), ('nolinebreak', 'nolinebreak'), ('nolisp', 'nolisp'), ('nolist', 'nolist'), ('noloadplugins', 'noloadplugins'), ('nolpl', 'nolpl'), ('nolz', 'nolz'), ('noma', 'noma'), ('nomacatsui', 'nomacatsui'), ('nomagic', 'nomagic'), ('nomh', 'nomh'), ('noml', 'noml'), ('nomod', 'nomod'), ('nomodeline', 'nomodeline'), ('nomodifiable', 'nomodifiable'), ('nomodified', 'nomodified'), ('nomore', 'nomore'), ('nomousef', 'nomousef'), ('nomousefocus', 'nomousefocus'), ('nomousehide', 'nomousehide'), ('nonu', 'nonu'), ('nonumber', 'nonumber'), ('nopaste', 'nopaste'), ('nopi', 'nopi'), ('nopreserveindent', 'nopreserveindent'), ('nopreviewwindow', 'nopreviewwindow'), ('noprompt', 'noprompt'), ('nopvw', 'nopvw'), ('noreadonly', 'noreadonly'), ('noremap', 'noremap'), ('norestorescreen', 'norestorescreen'), ('norevins', 'norevins'), ('nori', 'nori'), ('norightleft', 'norightleft'), ('norightleftcmd', 'norightleftcmd'), ('norl', 'norl'), ('norlc', 'norlc'), ('noro', 'noro'), ('nors', 'nors'), ('noru', 'noru'), ('noruler', 'noruler'), ('nosb', 'nosb'), ('nosc', 'nosc'), ('noscb', 'noscb'), ('noscrollbind', 'noscrollbind'), ('noscs', 'noscs'), ('nosecure', 'nosecure'), ('nosft', 'nosft'), ('noshellslash', 'noshellslash'), ('noshelltemp', 'noshelltemp'), ('noshiftround', 'noshiftround'), ('noshortname', 'noshortname'), ('noshowcmd', 'noshowcmd'), ('noshowfulltag', 'noshowfulltag'), ('noshowmatch', 'noshowmatch'), ('noshowmode', 'noshowmode'), ('nosi', 'nosi'), ('nosm', 'nosm'), ('nosmartcase', 'nosmartcase'), ('nosmartindent', 'nosmartindent'), ('nosmarttab', 'nosmarttab'), ('nosmd', 'nosmd'), ('nosn', 'nosn'), ('nosol', 'nosol'), ('nospell', 'nospell'), ('nosplitbelow', 'nosplitbelow'), ('nosplitright', 'nosplitright'), ('nospr', 'nospr'), ('nosr', 'nosr'), ('nossl', 'nossl'), ('nosta', 'nosta'), ('nostartofline', 'nostartofline'), ('nostmp', 'nostmp'), ('noswapfile', 'noswapfile'), ('noswf', 'noswf'), ('nota', 'nota'), ('notagbsearch', 'notagbsearch'), ('notagrelative', 'notagrelative'), ('notagstack', 'notagstack'), ('notbi', 'notbi'), ('notbidi', 'notbidi'), ('notbs', 'notbs'), ('notermbidi', 'notermbidi'), ('noterse', 'noterse'), ('notextauto', 'notextauto'), ('notextmode', 'notextmode'), ('notf', 'notf'), ('notgst', 'notgst'), ('notildeop', 'notildeop'), ('notimeout', 'notimeout'), ('notitle', 'notitle'), ('noto', 'noto'), ('notop', 'notop'), ('notr', 'notr'), ('nottimeout', 'nottimeout'), ('nottybuiltin', 'nottybuiltin'), ('nottyfast', 'nottyfast'), ('notx', 'notx'), ('novb', 'novb'), ('novisualbell', 'novisualbell'), ('nowa', 'nowa'), ('nowarn', 'nowarn'), ('nowb', 'nowb'), ('noweirdinvert', 'noweirdinvert'), ('nowfh', 'nowfh'), ('nowfw', 'nowfw'), ('nowildmenu', 'nowildmenu'), ('nowinfixheight', 'nowinfixheight'), ('nowinfixwidth', 'nowinfixwidth'), ('nowiv', 'nowiv'), ('nowmnu', 'nowmnu'), ('nowrap', 'nowrap'), ('nowrapscan', 'nowrapscan'), ('nowrite', 'nowrite'), ('nowriteany', 'nowriteany'), ('nowritebackup', 'nowritebackup'), ('nows', 'nows'), ('nrformats', 'nrformats'), ('nu', 'nu'), ('number', 'number'), ('numberwidth', 'numberwidth'), ('nuw', 'nuw'), ('oft', 'oft'), ('ofu', 'ofu'), ('omnifunc', 'omnifunc'), ('operatorfunc', 'operatorfunc'), ('opfunc', 'opfunc'), ('osfiletype', 'osfiletype'), ('pa', 'pa'), ('para', 'para'), ('paragraphs', 'paragraphs'), ('paste', 'paste'), ('pastetoggle', 'pastetoggle'), ('patchexpr', 'patchexpr'), ('patchmode', 'patchmode'), ('path', 'path'), ('pdev', 'pdev'), ('penc', 'penc'), ('pex', 'pex'), ('pexpr', 'pexpr'), ('pfn', 'pfn'), ('ph', 'ph'), ('pheader', 'pheader'), ('pi', 'pi'), ('pm', 'pm'), ('pmbcs', 'pmbcs'), ('pmbfn', 'pmbfn'), ('popt', 'popt'), ('preserveindent', 'preserveindent'), ('previewheight', 'previewheight'), ('previewwindow', 'previewwindow'), ('printdevice', 'printdevice'), ('printencoding', 'printencoding'), ('printexpr', 'printexpr'), ('printfont', 'printfont'), ('printheader', 'printheader'), ('printmbcharset', 'printmbcharset'), ('printmbfont', 'printmbfont'), ('printoptions', 'printoptions'), ('prompt', 'prompt'), ('pt', 'pt'), ('pumheight', 'pumheight'), ('pvh', 'pvh'), ('pvw', 'pvw'), ('qe', 'qe'), ('quoteescape', 'quoteescape'), ('readonly', 'readonly'), ('remap', 'remap'), ('report', 'report'), ('restorescreen', 'restorescreen'), ('revins', 'revins'), ('ri', 'ri'), ('rightleft', 'rightleft'), ('rightleftcmd', 'rightleftcmd'), ('rl', 'rl'), ('rlc', 'rlc'), ('ro', 'ro'), ('rs', 'rs'), ('rtp', 'rtp'), ('ru', 'ru'), ('ruf', 'ruf'), ('ruler', 'ruler'), ('rulerformat', 'rulerformat'), ('runtimepath', 'runtimepath'), ('sb', 'sb'), ('sbo', 'sbo'), ('sbr', 'sbr'), ('sc', 'sc'), ('scb', 'scb'), ('scr', 'scr'), ('scroll', 'scroll'), ('scrollbind', 'scrollbind'), ('scrolljump', 'scrolljump'), ('scrolloff', 'scrolloff'), ('scrollopt', 'scrollopt'), ('scs', 'scs'), ('sect', 'sect'), ('sections', 'sections'), ('secure', 'secure'), ('sel', 'sel'), ('selection', 'selection'), ('selectmode', 'selectmode'), ('sessionoptions', 'sessionoptions'), ('sft', 'sft'), ('sh', 'sh'), ('shape', 'shape'), ('shape', 'shape'), ('shcf', 'shcf'), ('shell', 'shell'), ('shellcmdflag', 'shellcmdflag'), ('shellpipe', 'shellpipe'), ('shellquote', 'shellquote'), ('shellredir', 'shellredir'), ('shellslash', 'shellslash'), ('shelltemp', 'shelltemp'), ('shelltype', 'shelltype'), ('shellxquote', 'shellxquote'), ('shiftround', 'shiftround'), ('shiftwidth', 'shiftwidth'), ('shm', 'shm'), ('shortmess', 'shortmess'), ('shortname', 'shortname'), ('showbreak', 'showbreak'), ('showcmd', 'showcmd'), ('showfulltag', 'showfulltag'), ('showmatch', 'showmatch'), ('showmode', 'showmode'), ('showtabline', 'showtabline'), ('shq', 'shq'), ('si', 'si'), ('sidescroll', 'sidescroll'), ('sidescrolloff', 'sidescrolloff'), ('siso', 'siso'), ('sj', 'sj'), ('slm', 'slm'), ('sm', 'sm'), ('smartcase', 'smartcase'), ('smartindent', 'smartindent'), ('smarttab', 'smarttab'), ('smc', 'smc'), ('smd', 'smd'), ('sn', 'sn'), ('so', 'so'), ('softtabstop', 'softtabstop'), ('sol', 'sol'), ('sp', 'sp'), ('spc', 'spc'), ('spell', 'spell'), ('spellcapcheck', 'spellcapcheck'), ('spellfile', 'spellfile'), ('spelllang', 'spelllang'), ('spellsuggest', 'spellsuggest'), ('spf', 'spf'), ('spl', 'spl'), ('splitbelow', 'splitbelow'), ('splitright', 'splitright'), ('spr', 'spr'), ('sps', 'sps'), ('sr', 'sr'), ('srr', 'srr'), ('ss', 'ss'), ('ssl', 'ssl'), ('ssop', 'ssop'), ('st', 'st'), ('sta', 'sta'), ('stal', 'stal'), ('start', 'start'), ('startofline', 'startofline'), ('statusline', 'statusline'), ('stl', 'stl'), ('stmp', 'stmp'), ('sts', 'sts'), ('su', 'su'), ('sua', 'sua'), ('suffixes', 'suffixes'), ('suffixesadd', 'suffixesadd'), ('sw', 'sw'), ('swapfile', 'swapfile'), ('swapsync', 'swapsync'), ('swb', 'swb'), ('swf', 'swf'), ('switchbuf', 'switchbuf'), ('sws', 'sws'), ('sxq', 'sxq'), ('syn', 'syn'), ('synmaxcol', 'synmaxcol'), ('syntax', 'syntax'), ('t_AB', 't_AB'), ('t_AF', 't_AF'), ('t_AL', 't_AL'), ('t_CS', 't_CS'), ('t_CV', 't_CV'), ('t_Ce', 't_Ce'), ('t_Co', 't_Co'), ('t_Cs', 't_Cs'), ('t_DL', 't_DL'), ('t_EI', 't_EI'), ('t_EI', 't_EI'), ('t_EI', 't_EI'), ('t_F1', 't_F1'), ('t_F2', 't_F2'), ('t_F3', 't_F3'), ('t_F4', 't_F4'), ('t_F5', 't_F5'), ('t_F6', 't_F6'), ('t_F7', 't_F7'), ('t_F8', 't_F8'), ('t_F9', 't_F9'), ('t_IE', 't_IE'), ('t_IS', 't_IS'), ('t_K1', 't_K1'), ('t_K3', 't_K3'), ('t_K4', 't_K4'), ('t_K5', 't_K5'), ('t_K6', 't_K6'), ('t_K7', 't_K7'), ('t_K8', 't_K8'), ('t_K9', 't_K9'), ('t_KA', 't_KA'), ('t_KB', 't_KB'), ('t_KC', 't_KC'), ('t_KD', 't_KD'), ('t_KE', 't_KE'), ('t_KF', 't_KF'), ('t_KG', 't_KG'), ('t_KH', 't_KH'), ('t_KI', 't_KI'), ('t_KJ', 't_KJ'), ('t_KK', 't_KK'), ('t_KL', 't_KL'), ('t_RI', 't_RI'), ('t_RV', 't_RV'), ('t_SI', 't_SI'), ('t_SI', 't_SI'), ('t_SI', 't_SI'), ('t_Sb', 't_Sb'), ('t_Sf', 't_Sf'), ('t_WP', 't_WP'), ('t_WS', 't_WS'), ('t_ZH', 't_ZH'), ('t_ZR', 't_ZR'), ('t_al', 't_al'), ('t_bc', 't_bc'), ('t_cd', 't_cd'), ('t_ce', 't_ce'), ('t_cl', 't_cl'), ('t_cm', 't_cm'), ('t_cs', 't_cs'), ('t_da', 't_da'), ('t_db', 't_db'), ('t_dl', 't_dl'), ('t_fs', 't_fs'), ('t_k1', 't_k1'), ('t_k2', 't_k2'), ('t_k3', 't_k3'), ('t_k4', 't_k4'), ('t_k5', 't_k5'), ('t_k6', 't_k6'), ('t_k7', 't_k7'), ('t_k8', 't_k8'), ('t_k9', 't_k9'), ('t_kB', 't_kB'), ('t_kD', 't_kD'), ('t_kI', 't_kI'), ('t_kN', 't_kN'), ('t_kP', 't_kP'), ('t_kb', 't_kb'), ('t_kd', 't_kd'), ('t_ke', 't_ke'), ('t_kh', 't_kh'), ('t_kl', 't_kl'), ('t_kr', 't_kr'), ('t_ks', 't_ks'), ('t_ku', 't_ku'), ('t_le', 't_le'), ('t_mb', 't_mb'), ('t_md', 't_md'), ('t_me', 't_me'), ('t_mr', 't_mr'), ('t_ms', 't_ms'), ('t_nd', 't_nd'), ('t_op', 't_op'), ('t_se', 't_se'), ('t_so', 't_so'), ('t_sr', 't_sr'), ('t_te', 't_te'), ('t_ti', 't_ti'), ('t_ts', 't_ts'), ('t_ue', 't_ue'), ('t_us', 't_us'), ('t_ut', 't_ut'), ('t_vb', 't_vb'), ('t_ve', 't_ve'), ('t_vi', 't_vi'), ('t_vs', 't_vs'), ('t_xs', 't_xs'), ('ta', 'ta'), ('tabline', 'tabline'), ('tabpagemax', 'tabpagemax'), ('tabstop', 'tabstop'), ('tag', 'tag'), ('tagbsearch', 'tagbsearch'), ('taglength', 'taglength'), ('tagrelative', 'tagrelative'), ('tags', 'tags'), ('tagstack', 'tagstack'), ('tal', 'tal'), ('tb', 'tb'), ('tbi', 'tbi'), ('tbidi', 'tbidi'), ('tbis', 'tbis'), ('tbs', 'tbs'), ('tenc', 'tenc'), ('term', 'term'), ('termbidi', 'termbidi'), ('termencoding', 'termencoding'), ('terse', 'terse'), ('textauto', 'textauto'), ('textmode', 'textmode'), ('textwidth', 'textwidth'), ('tf', 'tf'), ('tgst', 'tgst'), ('thesaurus', 'thesaurus'), ('tildeop', 'tildeop'), ('timeout', 'timeout'), ('timeoutlen', 'timeoutlen'), ('title', 'title'), ('titlelen', 'titlelen'), ('titleold', 'titleold'), ('titlestring', 'titlestring'), ('tl', 'tl'), ('tm', 'tm'), ('to', 'to'), ('toolbar', 'toolbar'), ('toolbariconsize', 'toolbariconsize'), ('top', 'top'), ('tpm', 'tpm'), ('tr', 'tr'), ('ts', 'ts'), ('tsl', 'tsl'), ('tsr', 'tsr'), ('ttimeout', 'ttimeout'), ('ttimeoutlen', 'ttimeoutlen'), ('ttm', 'ttm'), ('tty', 'tty'), ('ttybuiltin', 'ttybuiltin'), ('ttyfast', 'ttyfast'), ('ttym', 'ttym'), ('ttymouse', 'ttymouse'), ('ttyscroll', 'ttyscroll'), ('ttytype', 'ttytype'), ('tw', 'tw'), ('tx', 'tx'), ('uc', 'uc'), ('ul', 'ul'), ('undolevels', 'undolevels'), ('updatecount', 'updatecount'), ('updatetime', 'updatetime'), ('ut', 'ut'), ('vb', 'vb'), ('vbs', 'vbs'), ('vdir', 'vdir'), ('ve', 've'), ('verbose', 'verbose'), ('verbosefile', 'verbosefile'), ('vfile', 'vfile'), ('vi', 'vi'), ('viewdir', 'viewdir'), ('viewoptions', 'viewoptions'), ('viminfo', 'viminfo'), ('virtualedit', 'virtualedit'), ('visualbell', 'visualbell'), ('vop', 'vop'), ('wa', 'wa'), ('wak', 'wak'), ('warn', 'warn'), ('wb', 'wb'), ('wc', 'wc'), ('wcm', 'wcm'), ('wd', 'wd'), ('weirdinvert', 'weirdinvert'), ('wfh', 'wfh'), ('wfw', 'wfw'), ('wh', 'wh'), ('whichwrap', 'whichwrap'), ('wi', 'wi'), ('wig', 'wig'), ('wildchar', 'wildchar'), ('wildcharm', 'wildcharm'), ('wildignore', 'wildignore'), ('wildmenu', 'wildmenu'), ('wildmode', 'wildmode'), ('wildoptions', 'wildoptions'), ('wim', 'wim'), ('winaltkeys', 'winaltkeys'), ('window', 'window'), ('winfixheight', 'winfixheight'), ('winfixwidth', 'winfixwidth'), ('winheight', 'winheight'), ('winminheight', 'winminheight'), ('winminwidth', 'winminwidth'), ('winwidth', 'winwidth'), ('wiv', 'wiv'), ('wiw', 'wiw'), ('wm', 'wm'), ('wmh', 'wmh'), ('wmnu', 'wmnu'), ('wmw', 'wmw'), ('wop', 'wop'), ('wrap', 'wrap'), ('wrapmargin', 'wrapmargin'), ('wrapscan', 'wrapscan'), ('write', 'write'), ('writeany', 'writeany'), ('writebackup', 'writebackup'), ('writedelay', 'writedelay'), ('ws', 'ws'), ('ww', 'ww')]

File pygments/lexers/

 except NameError:
     from sets import Set as set
+from bisect import bisect
 from pygments.lexer import RegexLexer, bygroups, include, using, this, \
 __all__ = ['IniLexer', 'SourcesListLexer', 'MakefileLexer', 'DiffLexer',
            'IrcLogsLexer', 'TexLexer', 'GroffLexer', 'ApacheConfLexer',
-           'BBCodeLexer', 'MoinWikiLexer', 'RstLexer']
+           'BBCodeLexer', 'MoinWikiLexer', 'RstLexer', 'VimLexer']
 class IniLexer(RegexLexer):
     def __init__(self, **options):
         self.handlecodeblocks = get_bool_opt(options, 'handlecodeblocks', True)
         RegexLexer.__init__(self, **options)
+class VimLexer(RegexLexer):
+    """
+    Lexer for VimL script files
+    """
+    name = 'VimL'
+    aliases = ['vim']
+    filenames = ['*.vim', '.vimrc']
+    mimetypes = ['text/x-vim']
+    flags = re.MULTILINE
+    tokens = {
+        'root': [
+            # Who decided that doublequote was a good comment character??
+            (r'^\s*".*', Comment),
+            (r'(?<=\s)"[^\-:.%#=*].*', Comment),
+            (r'[ \t]+', Text),
+            # TODO: regexes can have other delims
+            (r'/(\\\\|\\/|[^\n/])*/', String.Regex),
+            (r'"(\\\\|\\"|[^\n"])*"', String.Double),
+            (r"'(\\\\|\\'|[^\n'])*'", String.Single),
+            (r'-?\d+', Number),
+            (r'^:', Punctuation),
+            (r'[()<>+=!|,~-]', Punctuation), # Inexact list.  Looks decent.
+            (r'\b(let|if|else|endif|elseif|fun|function|endfunction)\b',
+             Keyword),
+            (r'\b\w+\b', Name.Other), # These are postprocessed below
+            (r'.', Text),
+        ],
+    }
+    def __init__(self, **options):
+        from pygments.lexers._vimbuiltins import command, option, auto
+        self._cmd = command
+        self._opt = option
+        self._aut = auto
+        RegexLexer.__init__(self, **options)
+    def is_in(self, w, mapping):
+        r"""
+        It's kind of difficult to decide if something might be a keyword
+        in VimL because it allows you to abbreviate them.  In fact,
+        'ab[breviate]' is a good example.  :ab, :abbre, or :abbreviate are
+        valid ways to call it so rather than making really awful regexps
+        like::
+            \bab(?:b(?:r(?:e(?:v(?:i(?:a(?:t(?:e)?)?)?)?)?)?)?)?\b
+        we match `\b\w+\b` and then call is_in() on those tokens.  See
+        `scripts/` for how the lists are extracted.
+        """
+        p = bisect(mapping, (w,))
+        if p > 0:
+            if mapping[p-1][0] == w[:len(mapping[p-1][0])] and \
+               mapping[p-1][1][:len(w)] == w: return True
+        if p < len(mapping):
+            return mapping[p][0] == w[:len(mapping[p][0])] and \
+                   mapping[p][1][:len(w)] == w
+        return False
+    def get_tokens_unprocessed(self, text):
+        # TODO: builtins are only subsequent tokens on lines
+        #       and 'keywords' only happen at the beginning except
+        #       for :au ones
+        for index, token, value in \
+            RegexLexer.get_tokens_unprocessed(self, text):
+            if token is Name.Other:
+                if self.is_in(value, self._cmd):
+                    yield index, Keyword, value
+                elif self.is_in(value, self._opt) or \
+                     self.is_in(value, self._aut):
+                    yield index, Name.Builtin, value
+                else:
+                    yield index, Text, value
+            else:
+                yield index, token, value

File scripts/

+import re
+from pprint import pprint
+r_line = re.compile(r"^(syn keyword vimCommand contained|syn keyword vimOption contained|syn keyword vimAutoEvent contained)\s+(.*)")
+r_item = re.compile(r"(\w+)(?:\[(\w+)\])?")
+def getkw(input, output):
+    out = file(output, 'w')
+    output_info = {'command': [], 'option': [], 'auto': []}
+    for line in file(input):
+        m = r_line.match(line)
+        if m:
+            # Decide which output gets mapped to d
+            if 'vimCommand' in
+                d = output_info['command']
+            elif 'AutoEvent' in
+                d = output_info['auto']
+            else:
+                d = output_info['option']
+            # Extract all the shortened versions
+            for i in r_item.finditer(
+                d.append((, "%s%s" % (, or '')))
+            d.sort()
+    for a, b in output_info.items():
+        print >>out, '%s=%r' % (a, b)
+def is_keyword(w, keywords):
+    for i in range(len(w), 0, -1):
+        if w[:i] in keywords:
+            return signals[w[:i]][:len(w)] == w
+    return False
+if __name__ == "__main__":
+    getkw("/usr/share/vim/vim70/syntax/vim.vim", "")