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Add example file and entry in CHANGES for Scala lexer

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   * Clojure
   * POV-Ray scene files
   * Sqlite3 interactive console sessions
+  * Scala source files, thanks to Krzysiek Goj
 - Lexers improved:
   * C lexer highlights standard library functions now and supports

File pygments/lexers/_mapping.py

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     'RubyConsoleLexer': ('pygments.lexers.agile', 'Ruby irb session', ('rbcon', 'irb'), (), ('text/x-ruby-shellsession',)),
     'RubyLexer': ('pygments.lexers.agile', 'Ruby', ('rb', 'ruby'), ('*.rb', '*.rbw', 'Rakefile', '*.rake', '*.gemspec', '*.rbx'), ('text/x-ruby', 'application/x-ruby')),
     'SLexer': ('pygments.lexers.math', 'S', ('splus', 's', 'r'), ('*.S', '*.R'), ('text/S-plus', 'text/S', 'text/R')),
-    'JavaLexer': ('pygments.lexers.compiled', 'Scala', ('scala',), ('*.scala',), ('text/x-scala',)),
+    'ScalaLexer': ('pygments.lexers.compiled', 'Scala', ('scala',), ('*.scala',), ('text/x-scala',)),
     'SchemeLexer': ('pygments.lexers.functional', 'Scheme', ('scheme', 'scm'), ('*.scm',), ('text/x-scheme', 'application/x-scheme')),
     'SmalltalkLexer': ('pygments.lexers.other', 'Smalltalk', ('smalltalk', 'squeak'), ('*.st',), ('text/x-smalltalk',)),
     'SmartyLexer': ('pygments.lexers.templates', 'Smarty', ('smarty',), ('*.tpl',), ('application/x-smarty',)),

File tests/examplefiles/hello.scala

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+  object HelloWorld {
+    def main(args: Array[String]) {
+      println("Hello, world! " + args.toList)
+    }
+  }
+  HelloWorld.main(args)