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[svn] Fix condensed_ruby example lexing.

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     * bash
     * mysql/postgresql/sqlite
     * tcl
-    * (la)tex
+    * latex special formatting?
 - tell the PHP and DelphiLexer how to differ between Operators and


              r'warn)\b', Name.Builtin),
             (r'__(FILE|LINE)__\b', Name.Builtin.Pseudo),
             # normal heredocs
-            (r'(<<-?)(["`\']?)([a-zA-Z_]\w*)(\2)(.*?\n)', heredoc_callback),
+            (r'(?<!\w)(<<-?)(["`\']?)([a-zA-Z_]\w*)(\2)(.*?\n)', heredoc_callback),
             # empty string heredocs
             (r'(<<-?)("|\')()(\2)(.*?\n)', heredoc_callback),
             (r'__END__', Comment.Preproc, 'end-part'),


 "w"){|o|o<<c.f(p,f,1)}}}||(DRb.start_service U,{def f(c,a=[],t=2)c==x(U)&&(
 t==0&&D[s(a)]||t==1&&||p(a))end;def y()(p(U)+p).each{|u|c(u).f(x(u),
 p(U))rescue()};self;end;private;def p(x=[]);O.push(*x).uniq!;O;end}.new.y;sleep)
-t==0&&D[s(a)]||t==1&&||p(a))end;def y()(p(U)+p).each{|u|c(u).f(x(u),
-p(U))rescue()};self;end;private;def p(x=[]);O.push(*x).uniq!;O;end}.new.y;sleep)
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