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 PySyck_ is aimed to update the current Python bindings for Syck. The new
 bindings provide a wrapper for the Syck emitter and give access to YAML
-representation graphs. Hopefully it will not leak memory as well.
+representation graphs.
 PySyck_ may be used for various tasks, in particular, as a replacement of the
 module pickle_.
+* PySyck-0.61.2 (2006-03-26):
+  - ``ext/_syckmodule.c``: fix a leak in the parser (thanks, jbj).
+  - ````: set the development status to Production/Stable.
 * PySyck-0.61.1 (2006-03-15):
   - ````: check if ``syck.h`` is present, complain if it doesn't.
 NAME = 'PySyck'
-VERSION = '0.61.1'
+VERSION = '0.61.2'
 DESCRIPTION = "Python bindings for the Syck YAML parser and emitter"
 YAML is a data serialization format designed for human readability
 from distutils.command.build_ext import build_ext
 from distutils.errors import CCompilerError, CompileError, LinkError
-import sys
-if sys.version < '2.2.4':
-    from distutils.dist import DistributionMetadata
-    DistributionMetadata.classifiers = None
-    DistributionMetadata.download_url = None
 import os
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