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   PyYaml is now being develioed on version 2.3. If version 2.2 is needed
   we're happy to look at the nescessities. There won't be unjustified 
   uses of 2.3 if possible although at some point it's likely. Keep watching
   for further news

   PyYaml is not ready to be used as a robust serialization tool,
   although it is moving in that direction, and you can certainly
   experiment with it. This sentence may still be true?

   You can use it more safely for one-way applications.  You can
   make YAML be an input-tool only, such as for configuration files
   or data-driven programs.  You can also use YAML as an output-only
   tool, for things like logging and debugging.

   You can report bugs on or through

  These will be reveiwed (TP JUL 04)

  - folded scalars can't lead with blank line
  - emitter gives invalid YAML for multi-line scalars starting w/whitespace
  - trailing white space after quotes not ignored
  - support for inlined hashes and arrays very primitize--can't nest
    structures and must use simple scalars
  - specifiers like !str, !int, etc. are ignored