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Kirill Simonov ed172c1 
Kirill Simonov 7c78def 
Kirill Simonov ed172c1 

Kirill Simonov e51f297 
Kirill Simonov ed172c1 
Kirill Simonov 26ef251 
Kirill Simonov 98cc99c 
Kirill Simonov 61ce6d0 
Kirill Simonov ed172c1 

Kirill Simonov 659ccb6 

Kirill Simonov ed172c1 
from test_mark import *
from test_reader import *
from test_canonical import *
from test_tokens import *
from test_structure import *
from test_errors import *
from test_resolver import *
from test_constructor import *
from test_emitter import *
from test_representer import *
from test_recursive import *

if __name__ == '__main__':
    import test_appliance
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