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Kirill Simonov  committed 0226227

Fix makefile and add setup.cfg.

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 	${PYTHON} setup.py build ${PARAMETERS}
-	${PYTHON} setup_ext.py build ${PARAMETERS}
+	${PYTHON} setup_with_libyaml.py build ${PARAMETERS}
 	${PYTHON} setup.py build -f ${PARAMETERS}
-	${PYTHON} setup_ext.py build -f ${PARAMETERS}
+	${PYTHON} setup_with_libyaml.py build -f ${PARAMETERS}
 install: build
 	${PYTHON} setup.py install ${PARAMETERS}
 installext: buildext
-	${PYTHON} setup_ext.py install ${PARAMETERS}
+	${PYTHON} setup_with_libyaml.py install ${PARAMETERS}
 test: build
 	${PYTHON} tests/test_build.py ${TEST}
 	${PYTHON} setup.py clean -a

File setup.cfg

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+# The INCLUDE and LIB directories to build the '_yaml' extension.
+# You may also set them using the options '-I' and '-L'.
+# List of directories to search for 'yaml.h' (separated by ':').
+# List of directories to search for 'libyaml.a' (separated by ':').
+# An alternative compiler to build the extention.
+# Additional preprocessor definitions might be required.