Kirill Simonov committed 36f7895

Fix yaml-hl to use the new API.

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 import yaml, codecs, sys, optparse
-yaml.add_resolver(u'!Config', [])
-yaml.add_resolver(u'!TokensConfig', [u'tokens'])
-yaml.add_resolver(u'!EventsConfig', [u'events'])
-yaml.add_resolver(u'!StartEndConfig', [u'tokens', None])
-yaml.add_resolver(u'!StartEndConfig', [u'events', None])
+#yaml.add_resolver(u'!Config', [])
+#yaml.add_resolver(u'!TokensConfig', [u'tokens'])
+#yaml.add_resolver(u'!EventsConfig', [u'events'])
+#yaml.add_resolver(u'!StartEndConfig', [u'tokens', None])
+#yaml.add_resolver(u'!StartEndConfig', [u'events', None])
 class YAMLHighlight:
     def __init__(self, config):
-        parameters = yaml.load_document(config)
+        parameters = yaml.load(config)
         self.replaces = parameters['replaces']
         self.substitutions = {}
         for domain, items in [('Token', parameters['tokens']),
                 input = unicode(input, 'utf-16-be')
                 input = unicode(input, 'utf-8')
-        tokens = yaml.parse(input, Parser=iter)
+        tokens = yaml.scan(input)
         events = yaml.parse(input)
         markers = []
         number = 0
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