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Ian Cordasco
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Would there be interest in updates that would support YAML 1.2? If so, I would be very interested in collaborating with someone on that project.

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  1. Ian Cordasco reporter

    @davidseaward I don't have very much free time so it'll likely take a while. I'm not sure why @Kirill Simonov decided to not include 1.2 but that's not exactly important. I know other Python libraries and tools use BitBucket as their canonical location (I maintain flake8). The difference is that I was given commit bit on the GitHub repo, that means nothing though if it isn't the canonical location.

  2. Ian Cordasco reporter

    @Jack O'Connor I suggest taking a YAML file generated on Ruby's Psych parser and trying to parse/load it with PyYAML. Parsing a Psych generated files with tags will break PyYAML, for example:

    foo: !!binary Zm9vOmJhcgo=

    YAML 1.2 allows you to shorten that to

    foo: !binary Zm9vOmJhcgo=

    Which causes an exception in PyYAML: yaml.constructor.ConstructorError: could not determine a constructor for the tag '!binary'

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