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I've spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out where PyYAML is being hosted.

There are a number of potential contenders, such as:

  1. http://pyyaml.org/ - seems like the logical choice, this has a download for PyYAML 3.11, is the first item from a google search, and is listed as the documentation site on PyPI. However, it has 117 open tickets, with the newest being written on 2012-10-29 and the oldest 2006-03-15. The "hosted source" doesn't have the latest PyYAML 3.11.
  2. https://github.com/yaml/pyyaml - Again, seemed like a solid choice, because it is supported by http://yaml.org/, "The Official YAML Website." Seems like a no-go though, it doesn't have PyYAML 3.11 either, points to the semi-dead site http://pyyaml.org/, and has 5 opened tickets with most of them being opened 2-3 years ago.
  3. https://bitbucket.org/xi/pyyaml - I'm not convinced it is being maintained either, because there are 10 open pull requests from almost 7 years ago, there are 0 merged or declined merge requests, and only 2 tickets out of 43 that have been closed since ~2006 have been close.

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  1. Jayson Vantuyl

    Q1. Where is the canonical site?

    PyYaml.org specifically notes moving here. The GitHub project specifically mentions that it's just a mirror. Here is the "correct place", I think... though it appears that there's not a lot of merging going on.

    Q2. Does this site have source for 3.11?

    I see the tag for 3.11 in the source repo, so I'm guessing so.

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