Has this project been abandoned?

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Nicholas Chammas
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According to PyPI, the latest release of PyYAML is from March 2014, and according to the repo history, the last commit was made in November of 2014.

Is this project still being actively maintained? If not, are there plans to transfer ownership or onboard new maintainers who can continue to steward the project?

To be clear, I am not offering or proposing to take over this project myself or anything of that sort. I'm just a user and don't have the knowledge or skill to maintain a project like PyYAML.

It just seems weird that such an important and widely used Python library -- ~3.8M downloads last month according to PyPI! -- hasn't been updated in so long, and I'm interested in the future of this project.

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  1. Anonymous

    I recently emailed Kirill about making a new release to incorporate the November fix, since I actively ran into it while using Ansible. Haven't heard back so far.

  2. Matěj Cepl

    Over year since the last commit on master. So, who's going to fork and take over? I am not (I have enough zombies on my plate already ... rope and M2Crypto).

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