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 Django-Livesettings is a project split from the `Satchmo Project`_.  It provides the ability to configure settings via an admin interface, rather than by editing :file:``. In addition, livesettings allows you to set sane defaults so that your site can be perfectly functional without any changes. Livesettings uses caching to make sure this has minimal impact on your site's performance.
+Finally, if you wish to lock down your site and disable the settings, you can export your livesettings and store them in your :file:``. This allows you have flexibility in deciding how various users interact with your app.
 Livesettings supports several types of input choices:
     * Boolean
 Livesettings has been used for many years in the satchmo project and is considered stable and production ready.
-Settings are accessible by the URL
-Required permissions are 'livesettings | setting | Can change setting' or to be superuser,
-similar like permissions for for other models in /admin/ are set.
-Permissions for insert, delete or permission for longsetting are ignored and only the above-mentioned permission is applied for all.
-Settings can be exported by the URL .
-The whole output can be manually copied and pasted to '' and the tables
-livesettings_* would be accessed for that site never more. 
-The switching between fixed values and values stored in the database is done by the line
-    'DB': True,    # or False
-Results for more sites can be for an eventually multi-site configuration manually combined.
 .. _`Satchmo Project`:

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 You can now see the results of your work by running the dev server and going to `settings <>`_ ::
     python runserver
+Restricting Access to Livesettings
+In order to give non-superusers access to the settings, make sure to use the django user permission admin screen to give the desired user the *livesettings|setting|Can change settting*.
+.. Note::
+    Superusers will have access to this setting without enabling any specific permissions
+Permissions for insert, delete or permission for longsetting are ignored and only the above-mentioned permission is used.
+Exporting Settings
+Settings can be exported by the ` <>`_ . After exporting the file, the entire
+output can be manually copied and pasted to :file:``. If you restrict DB access to the settings, all of the livesettings_* tables
+will be unused. 
+Here is a simple example of what the extract will look like::
+    {   1: {   'DB': False,
+               'SETTINGS': {   u'MyApp': {   u'DECIMAL_TEST': u'34.0923443',
+                                             u'MEASUREMENT_SYSTEM': u'["metric"]',
+                                             u'PERCENT_TEST': u'0.251'}}}}
+In order to restrict or enable DB access, use the following line in your settings::
+    'DB': True,    # or False
+If you have multiple sites, they can be manually combined in the file as well.
 Accessing your value in a view