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Thomas Waldmann  committed 3f08275

setup.cfg: more strict pep8 checking for tests also

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 pep8ignore =
  *.py E121 E122 E123 E124 E125 E126 E127 E128  # continuation line indentation
  *.py E501  # maximum line length (see also pep8maxlinelength)
- */_tests/*.py E225 E226  # missing whitespace / missing optional whitespace around operator
- */_tests/*.py E261  # less than 2 blanks before inline comment
- */_tests/*.py E301 E302  # separate toplevel definitions with 2 empty lines, method defs inside class by 1 empty line
- */_tests/*.py E401  # imports on separate lines
  wikiconfig_*.py ALL  # local stuff, not in the repo
  MoinMoin/config/default.py E501  # maximum line length (long lines expected there)
  MoinMoin/util/_tests/test_paramparser.py E241 # whitespace around comma (we have some "tabular" formatting there)