# Moved to https://github.com/xriss/gamecake #

Gamecake is a lua based custom game engine.
Pagecake is a lua based custom webserver.

This repositories contains prebuilt fat binaries and lua source.

These fat binaries contain various lua libs that you may "require".

The lua source is also embeded in the binaries so may also be
"require"d without any path problems.

What all this means is that each file in the exe dir is a stand alone
resource for its target platform. In fact it should also be something
that you can slot in to replace your standard lua 5.1 or luajit
if you so wish.

The binaries are generated from source that you can find at


The following direct links will get you the most recent binaries
built for various platforms.

windows -> https://bitbucket.org/xixs/bin/src/tip/exe/gamecake.exe
linux -> https://bitbucket.org/xixs/bin/src/tip/exe/gamecake.x32
linux(64) -> https://bitbucket.org/xixs/bin/src/tip/exe/gamecake.x64
raspbian -> https://bitbucket.org/xixs/bin/src/tip/exe/gamecake.raspi
osx(64) -> https://bitbucket.org/xixs/bin/src/tip/exe/gamecake.osx

linux -> https://bitbucket.org/xixs/bin/src/tip/exe/pagecake.x32
linux(64) -> https://bitbucket.org/xixs/bin/src/tip/exe/pagecake.x64

The chrome version can be embed in a webpage using its nmf, which can be
found at https://bitbucket.org/xixs/bin/raw/tip/exe/gamecake.nmf

These can be used to run a gamecake project by CDing into the base dir
of a gamecake project and then running it using the lua binary
downloaded from here with the -lstart switch.

eg, say you downloaded dmazed and extracted it somewhere then put the
windows executable in the same directory. First cd into the root dmazed

Then it can be run like so

gamecake.exe -lstart

To create fresh uptodate binaries on linux, try running the hgbuild 
script. This will clone/update then build and install.