Some quick and dirty (:QAD:) gamecake games, built quickly as test packages. You could try and play them or you could take them and use them as a base for your own creations. Play with them, change the grafix, have fun, release them, that's why they exist.

This is my attempt to recreate the experience of typing in games from magazines in the 80s. It was much more fun to fiddle with the code than to play the games.

The code lives in the lua directory of each game, change it and run it.

The gamecake engine allows these games to work on:


This is built against LSB, so the binaries should work on most distros.


Wine and XP compatible with the focus on wine so this can also be run on most linux platforms.


This should now work fine on recent Macs.


With or without X11, this is a native raspbian build and can be run from the command line. The RASPI is also "minimum required specs" if your machine is not as powerful as one of these then don't expect everything to work.


You have a keyboard/gamepad right? Its a bit more complicated to get things building into an APK file but its not impossible the my lua repository contains the android build and scripts to make this happen, you will also need the my sdk repo for all the android tools.


The web solution, runs best on chrome and second best on firefox. Play online at http://play.4lfa.com/gamecake

Finally this is just the source code, if you want to run any of the games then you will need the engine as well. There are a number of ways of getting this but remember that different operating systems require different versions of the gamecake engine.

Via mercurial for windows/ubuntu/debian/raspi

hg clone https://bitbucket.org/xixs/gamecakejam
hg clone https://bitbucket.org/xixs/bin
hg clone https://bitbucket.org/xixs/mods

This creates copies of repositories side-by-side so they may access files stored in each other. Then after that you can use CD to any game dir and use ../start or ../start.x64 or ../start.pi or ../start.bat depending on what operating system you are on.

Also, since you now have a full checkout you may adjust the files in the art directory and run ../bake to update the games data files. (only works well in linux)

The bake.lua in each project is a lua script that performs simple processing of images/sounds and other game assets before copying them into the data directory for the game to use.